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to get irritated by reporters pronouncing place names wrongly...

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MaryAnnSingleton · 13/07/2007 10:37

I am always correcting the pronounciation on the radio (BBC Radio London) - drives me mad. Does anyone think there should be an 'L' sounded in the middle of Holborn - cos I don't.

OP posts:

MotherFunk · 13/07/2007 10:42

Message withdrawn


MrsBadger · 13/07/2007 10:52

'I say Ho-burn, you say Holl-burn
I say Clap-ham and you say Claam
Ho-burn, Holl-burn
Clap-ham, Claam
let's call the whole thing off...'


MaryAnnSingleton · 13/07/2007 16:03

oh, I am being unreasonable then...doesn't anyone else get cross ? I'm sure it's Holborn without the L sounded ...
ok I'll get a life....

OP posts:

FromGirders · 13/07/2007 16:14

You should try living in Scotland and listening to the EBC .


bran · 13/07/2007 16:19

Perhaps that is the new pronouciation of Holborn. London districts seem to change quite a bit, I still call Greenwich gren-itch, but the new version seems to be grin-itch.

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