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Children who are frightend of strangers and thier parents encouraging them..

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DoubleBluff · 12/07/2007 17:46

Why do they take them to places where there might be strangers.
Strangers should be allowed to walk wherever they like without having to worry that they might bump into a child.

OP posts:
LazyLine · 12/07/2007 18:14


MamaMaiasaura · 12/07/2007 18:14

Is he safe then?

lucyellensmum · 12/07/2007 18:15

what about birdsd? dont birds have a right to be unhindered too (im scared of crows!) Honeslty, some people, they should just leave their children in the cupboard like everyone else, it will be safer that way, for everyone.

DoubleBluff · 12/07/2007 18:40

Awen he is probably wearing that outfit so that if badly trained children approach him and squirt their fruit shoots at him he can easily wipe it off.
Strangerrs canot be too careful when there are children allowed in public spaces.

OP posts:
cornsilk · 12/07/2007 20:34

I am sick of parents who don't clean up their children's fruit shoots in the park. It's just disgusting.

Perigrine · 12/07/2007 20:38

I haven't been logged on for days and this is the first thread that greats me!!!!! PMSL. Have you gone through all the mammals yet. " My PFB is afraid of dolphins, shoould we cancel our summer holiday"

You lot make me laugh

rantinghousewife · 12/07/2007 20:40

Remember tho' if you do befriend a stranger, s/he's for life not just for the duration of your day out.

Kathyis6incheshigh · 12/07/2007 20:48

My nephew had a stranger danger talk at school and afterwards my brother suspected he didn't actually know what a stranger was, and when challenged he said, 'Yes I do. It's someone wearing at hat.'

Kathyis6incheshigh · 12/07/2007 20:49

a hat

DoubleBluff · 12/07/2007 22:58

A hat!

OP posts:
cornsilk · 13/07/2007 00:04

I thought strangers always wore black cloaks?

MuddlingThrough · 13/07/2007 09:53

The official advice if you see a strange cow hanging around the swings and wearing a hat is to call the coastguard.

mufti · 13/07/2007 09:57

what if you just strange?

should your child ignore you?

mufti · 13/07/2007 09:59

.."are" just strange

DoubleBluff · 13/07/2007 11:25

The problem is not knowing which strangers are well behaved and which ones might bite you.
Parents shoould not automatically be afriad if they think strangers are approaching their children.
This will just make the stranger more excitable.

OP posts:
LittleBellatrixLeBoot · 13/07/2007 11:27

Please people remember the words of Jim Reeves:

"A stranger's just a friend you do not know"

Rantmum · 13/07/2007 11:32

I have to take my lo to places with strangers (against my better judgement) because I am so busy avoiding cows.

pagwatch · 14/07/2007 16:07

I seem to remember a time in my life when meeting an excitable stranger was a good thing.

iesha · 14/07/2007 16:44

pagwatch, I remember it well too, but then I got married and DH won't let me play with excitable strangers anymore.

this thread has me PMSL

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