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To report someone for blue badge misuse?

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TheBlonde · 11/07/2007 18:01

To report someone for blue badge misuse?

The lovely driver who had a go at me for crossing the road behind her car earlier in the week (she decided to reverse without checking her mirrors) had a blue badge

She is parked in the same street again with the badge again
She may well have the badge legally but showed no sign of disability

Do I report her or not?

OP posts:

Desiderata · 11/07/2007 18:03

Not a good idea. I don't think you'll feel any better for doing it, and her disability may not be obvious.


NAB3 · 11/07/2007 18:03

What Desiderata said.


MadEyeMisdee · 11/07/2007 18:03

i havwea sticker in my car which states

'remember, not all disabilities are visable'


meandmyflyingmachine · 11/07/2007 18:03

What makes you think she is misusing the badge?


walbert · 11/07/2007 18:04

I'd be brqave and ask her if that is her badge: if she gets really defensive / abusive / papping her pants, then maybe report it, otherwise she may have genuine excuse. asking her may make her realise she's been clocked and make her stop doing it!


tissy · 11/07/2007 18:05

no, don't unless you know a LOT more about her circumstances. Is she parking in a disabled spot, or does she just have the badge there?

The badge may entitle another member of her family to parking privileges.


FioFioJane · 11/07/2007 18:05

I use dd's blue badge in our street because we live here and its a permit controlled road. I am not breaking the law.

You may be talking about me


DarrellRivers · 11/07/2007 18:05

Just when I thought the baby car parking space didn't seem to be kicking off................
OP, are you a member of the Blue Badge ASsessment Commitee?
Are you qualified to judge this really?


FioFioJane · 11/07/2007 18:06

mind you i have not shouted at anyone this week


MadEyeMisdee · 11/07/2007 18:07

what about klast week fiofio


TheBlonde · 11/07/2007 18:08

If she's entitled to use it then me reporting her won't cause any problem

According to the beeb Up to half of all disabled parking badges in London are being used illegally

OP posts:

edam · 11/07/2007 18:08

No, I wouldn't report someone out of spite. And especially not with no evidence at all that she is doing anything wrong.

You don't have to be a wheelchair user to have a blue badge. And you don't have to be the driver. So my suggestion is find another outlet for your anger (I'd be furious if someone tried to reverse into me, too, but I wouldn't confuse the issue with blue badges).


BreeVanDerCampLGJ · 11/07/2007 18:09

My friends husband had a blue badge, he was a strapping 6 footer with a permanent tan and was not overweight.

He had cancer and lost lots of weight on a good day he jumped out of the car, on a bad day he could barely move. Oh and the tan..... radiation.

Walk a mile in someone elses shoes before you act as judge and jury.


DarrellRivers · 11/07/2007 18:09

Bad karma in my opinion.
You're a bit miffed with her
Leave it and think about it for a bit


tissy · 11/07/2007 18:13

have you seen her using it to park in a disabled spot?

If not, you haven't seen her committing any crime. She may not use it for parking except when her one-legged father is in the car.

If she is parking in a disabled spot, and apparently hale and hearty, and you know for a fact she has no disabled relatives, then report her if you want, as you say, if she is entitled, she will not suffer.

Have to say it seems as if you want to get back at her for having a go at you....


3andnomore · 11/07/2007 18:14

good sticker misdee...maybe they should be given out wiht blue badges...


TheBlonde · 11/07/2007 18:20

DR - fair point on the karma, I will ignore the matter

What would you all be saying if I hadn't mentioned my earlier run in with her though

OP posts:

meandmyflyingmachine · 11/07/2007 18:22

If you had said "I have seen someone with a blue badge who shows no obvious signs of disability" then I would have asked exactly the same question.

What makes you think she is misusing the badge?


bundle · 11/07/2007 18:23

my dad had emphysema and had a blue badge for the last few years of his life. you couldn't really tell by looking at him


meandmyflyingmachine · 11/07/2007 18:23

Although if she hadn't nearly hit you, would you even have been asking the question?


TheBlonde · 11/07/2007 18:25

If I had seen her park and the badge then possibly

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