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To expect Parents to Teach Kids That Other People Exist

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Gee72 · 06/07/2007 20:08

OK, rant alert. Coming home on the bus, Mum with son aged around 10 daughter aged around 7, little boy puts hideous repetitive hardcore techno music blaring on his phone for the whole bus to enjoy. Lots of pursed lips around the top deck. Not a peep from the Mother.

So I politely asked the kid to turn it down as it was very loud and irritating. He did so but gave me evils for the rest of the journey and called me a dick on exit

I wasn't so much irritated with him but with the fact theat the mother clearly didn't think twice that other people might not want to hear it.

Aware that I am turning into Victor Meldrew and that I am probably projecting a lot of fears about how my kids will turn out, but why does nobody have any manners anymore?!

OP posts:

lilolilmanchester · 06/07/2007 20:14

I'm with you Gee72, kids do need to learn respect for other people, but unfortunately some parents are only concerned with keeping their own little darlings happy. I posted a similar complaint a couple of weeks ago about being annoyed about being bumped into by kids on heelies in shops and their parents not batting an eye lid. Was called a miserable old toad or something similar by one of the posters. Who perhaps was the DM of the kids you met on the bus today? Will probably get called similar after this rant, but not bothered about that!


maisym · 06/07/2007 20:16

terrible as well that he insulted you - feel sorry for the kids that the parent didn't do anything.


agnesnitt · 07/07/2007 00:50

What was a kid of ten doing with a mobile whilst out with his mother? I know some kids apparently 'need' one when not with an adult, but whilst in the care of what we should assume is a responsible adult? Not necessary at all.

You're not being unreasonable at all.



twelveyeargap · 07/07/2007 00:59

I noticed on the bus yesterday that they have updated those "Please keep your music down" posters with the little earphone pictures on them, to also say "Please do not play music out loud". It's SO farkin' annoying. YANBU.


Leati · 07/07/2007 01:01

I really don't thing a little ten year old boy blaring techno music on the bus is the that big of a deal. Especially from his phone since those really don't get to loud anyway. I do that lilolilmanchesters complaint is far more concerning. However, I do think that parents need to speak to thier kids. Children are children and they are going to do naughty things, what is disheartening is when parents just stand by and watch.


christywhisty · 07/07/2007 08:32

I have to put up with teenagers/adults blaring out rap on their phones on the train. It is really annoying. Why do they think everyone wants to listen to their awful music.
If a kid is allowed to get away with it at 10 can imagine what else they will start to get up to in later life.Like the teenage boys the other night , who thought it was okay to kick their fotball backwards and forwards across the high street in rush hour. They had their mobile blaring as well.


SpeccieSeccie · 07/07/2007 12:20

I agree Gee72. Other people's second hand tinny music on public transport is grim. The mother should be embarrassed - esp about her ds calling you a dick. Really tacky.



elfinblast · 07/07/2007 12:30

I was on a bus with OH and the young Blasts about a year ago. OH had fell off his bike and was in a foul mood. A girl in front started playing what sounded like tweetie pie on her mobile. Obviously the entire bus is turning round and tutting but saying nothing, until my 6ft, bruised and bandaged OH, taps her on the shoulder and says "Will you turn that SHIT off".
Tweetie pie stops and we get appreciative looks from the rest of the bus.

I think everyone should be able to listen to music, but has no-one heard of earphones these days?


agnesnitt · 09/07/2007 20:50

Leati, have you not heard the volume some of the newer phones can get up to? It is entirely possible to hear some of them at the front of a busy bus when the eejit with the phone is at the back. I know from experience, it was an hour long bus journey I have no wish to repeat for that and other reasons:/

I'm just awaiting the day when earphones are back in fashion.


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