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To ask what everyone else is doing up so early?

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tulip27 · 30/06/2007 06:18

I'm at work although if at home i would have had a toddler hitting me over the head demanding play time by now. ha ha thats why I come to work, peace ahhhhhhhhhh

OP posts:

sugarfree · 30/06/2007 06:19

Just off to work.


KittenKat · 30/06/2007 06:21

My DD has her first canine tooth about to break out any moment, and its giving her trouble. She went to bed at 8.30pm, woke at 9.30pm, unusual for her, and woke this morning at 5am. I would not usually get up this early with her, but she was very upset.

Now though, happuly playing with her Ark, and, of course just found the wetwipes so she is fine now! Thank you Baby Oragel!

Working?! Are you in England? Somewhere hot? Dont say somewhere hot...

DD iss 11 months and 30 days old!


TrinityRhino · 30/06/2007 06:23

Gecko likes to get up at 6am


tulip27 · 30/06/2007 06:25

No I'm not somewhere hot, oh I wish. I'm in a hospital watching heart monitors and drinking uninterupted coffee.

OP posts:

McDreamy · 30/06/2007 06:25

2 hours ahead so not really early for me! Mornaing everyone


KittenKat · 30/06/2007 06:30

tulip, oh dear. Somewhere hot would be nice tho wouldnt it? Not too hot, just some sunshine, and the prospect of clear skies when I look out of the weindow. Rather than the greay bleakness I know will descend upon us again.

At least my plants are healthy.

I am currently listening to Music for Babies CD, got it from M&S for a fiver, its great, soothing me, but DD, well there is not a chance of sleep for a while.

DP, he has to get up in 5 mins, to call his work, as he is unwell. He said to me, although also wide awake and needing to be up for a get up then, and I will 'tag' you when I get up! I have had coffee, I shall be unlikely sleeping either now!

What time do you finish tulip?
6am regularly rhino? ouch!


McDreamy · 30/06/2007 06:33

Have you nearly finished Tulip or have you just started?

I'm somewhere hot - v. hot. I know the UK is having the most awful weather at the moment but it's quite unpleasant here too! Cyprus recrded it's hottest ever temperature this week!


TrinityRhino · 30/06/2007 06:34

yes regularly
but often with an explosive, up the back poo aswell
not this morning though which is good


KittenKat · 30/06/2007 06:36

McDreamy - I thought of Cyrpus as I wrote 'somewhere not too hot'! WE had a heatwave ehre last year, and it was very tough I thought, but I had just had DD, who had to be kept in many layers in hosp and we could not have windows open, or fans on (she was small), so we melted, and the same when we came home, and of course could not go out in the mid day sun!

However, what was lovely was that we could take DD to the beach at 8am and it would be lovely, or for an evening stroll at 6-7am as it was still warm!
I am not really a big hot weather girl, I burn easily. I just want enough sun to have DD's first birthday party outside tomorrow . Not going to happen!


kiskidee · 30/06/2007 06:36

i'm up too. went to bed early and been up before 5, sewing. dd now on lap watching balamory.

are you in akrotiri, mcdreamy?


McDreamy · 30/06/2007 06:38

Yes i am! Have you been here - or are you here?


KittenKat · 30/06/2007 06:39

Rhin - eeeew! I lovely way to be greated in the morning! Not!
If DD wakes up before 7am, I refuse to get up with her, unless like today, there is a reason.
I started this when she would wake at 6.30am, after sleeping longer. And now, she does sometimes wake at 6:30am, but is content playing in her cot, talking to her cow,' reading' a book which I leave in there, generally being vocal.

However, what I did think this morning, is that if she wakes up again this time tomorrow, on her birthday, I am going to get dressed straight away, and go take a walk by the sea, whatever the weather. I do like this time of morning, if I can get awake enough to appreciate it.


kiskidee · 30/06/2007 06:41

we spent a week with friends there last august. i remember melting in the heat the first 2 days.


kiskidee · 30/06/2007 06:44

i took dd for a walk at 6 the last morning and the temp was just right with the smell of conifer in the air. aaaahhhh. was perfect.


yogimum · 30/06/2007 06:46

We too are watching Balamory! Thank goodness for Cbeebies. I feel guilty for putting the tv on, but when ds gets up at 5am I need caffeine before anything else.


pyjamaqueen · 30/06/2007 06:48

I'm just worried about lots of things so it's all going round in my head. Just sitting quietly waiting for everyone else to wake up.


KittenKat · 30/06/2007 06:50

kkd - i love the early morning smell, by the sea, the salty air. DP just got up, phoned work, went back to bed .

Would go for walk now, but heavens just opened .maybe i should locate thermos and go anyway, for a 'sit' lol.


anniebear · 30/06/2007 06:51

One of mine awake from 4.40 am and the other just before 6

makes for a long day doesnt it


kiskidee · 30/06/2007 06:52

i was amazed to wake to clear blue skies this a.m. whwere i am. hope it lasts.


KittenKat · 30/06/2007 06:52

pq - anything in particular? Or those worry thoughts that you can only get early in the morning when you cant do anything about them, and no one up to talk to.? i get them a lot recently.


anniebear · 30/06/2007 06:52

are you ok pyjamaqueen ?


KittenKat · 30/06/2007 06:53

kkd - where ru? will they come down southwest? oh i hope so...


pyjamaqueen · 30/06/2007 07:02

Yes, I'm OK. It's nothing major - just lots of little things building up to make me feel very stressed! DH is due home today (he works abroad a lot) so maybe he can calm me down! The kids are up now so I'd better organise breakfast.


KittenKat · 30/06/2007 07:06

I could do with another coffee...

I wonder f its too early to open the Tea Shop?


MrsFish · 30/06/2007 07:10

DS woke me up at 6am, managed to keep him in bed relatively quietly for half an hour, but then gave up and he is now sat in front of cbeebies [yawn] like KK I ususally refuse to get up before 7am with him, and it used to work fine, he would lie in his cot and happily amuse himself, he is now in a single bed has been for the last 3 weeks so knows he can get out... going out to get a stairgate today

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