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in being paranoid at my uncanny ability to kill threads???

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indiasmum · 29/06/2007 16:51

it seems recently that everytime i post something recently esp on otherwise active threads as soon as i post, i kill the thread (or else get ignored completely! what am i doing wrong? am i a complete online social imbecile?

OP posts:
CatIsSleepy · 29/06/2007 23:31
TnOgu · 29/06/2007 23:32

Gibbon, I just felt shaken up that's all.

Tis fine, I'm silly

CatIsSleepy · 29/06/2007 23:33

am getting quite overcome here...
TnOgu · 29/06/2007 23:33

lord, I really am crying now.

Desiderata · 29/06/2007 23:34

You's a great kid, Abs. Lovely post.

TnOgu · 29/06/2007 23:34

Slainte, Abs

GibbonInARibbon · 29/06/2007 23:34

you're not silly at all petal. You are lovely you may of noticed it upset me too. I usually steer clear of the rows but it hit a nerve.

I'm sorry you're upset

GibbonInARibbon · 29/06/2007 23:35

I'm off to bed - see how everyone loves you


AbRoller · 29/06/2007 23:36


TnOgu · 29/06/2007 23:37

It's a terribly emotive subject for those on both sides of the fence.

I think the only way forward is to listen to each other, you know, really listen and listen with a good, honest open heart.

CatIsSleepy · 29/06/2007 23:38

tnog we need talcy to come and do a cake walk for you...cheer you up...
talcy0 where are you?!

Desiderata · 29/06/2007 23:39

Good night, lovely ones.

TnOgu · 29/06/2007 23:39


CatIsSleepy · 29/06/2007 23:39

(sorry didn't mean to sound flippant)

GibbonInARibbon · 29/06/2007 23:39

Wise words TN

night x

CatIsSleepy · 29/06/2007 23:39

oh good you gurned

that's a good sign isn't it

TnOgu · 29/06/2007 23:40

Goodnight Desi - sleep well
TnOgu · 29/06/2007 23:41

Goodnight Gibbon, pleasent dreams

Desiderata · 29/06/2007 23:43

I always do, T.

And good night to all the lovely women on this thread!

AbRoller · 29/06/2007 23:44

nightnight desi

TnOgu · 29/06/2007 23:44

sorry, can I just correct my spelling of pleasant.

I thank you.

AbRoller · 29/06/2007 23:45

oops, nightnight Gibbon also

mylastrolo · 29/06/2007 23:45

ditto especially on fly ladies except one lovely lady it does get to you a bit. i think they just don't get my humour or the point you are trying to make !!!! kills loads of threads and it is annoying as i don't mean too. lol

CatIsSleepy · 29/06/2007 23:48

night desi. enjoy your hol and your birthday if i don't catch you before then.

am off to my bed too i think.
night tnog, sleep well and forget about the nasty stuff if you can.
i do think you're the most down to earth and kindest person on MN you know. it's not nice to see you upset.

Desiderata · 29/06/2007 23:50

Well, if it makes you feel better, My, you won't kill this one

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