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In hoping DD never asks to recreate any of the Big Cook, Little Cook recipes?

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boowidger · 29/06/2007 16:25

They make some really strange and unappetising stuff on there and i'm not surprised Small has to fly off on his spoon to get ingredients as my cupboards don't contain most of the stuff they use. Has anyone actually made any of the recipes with their children? The portions always seem to be massive too... There was a programme on tv the other night quite late on called 'F! Off, I'm Ginger!' and the guy presenting it was Little Cook. I found it a bit strange watching him talking about not being able to get a date because of having ginger pubes.....

OP posts:

UnConfident · 29/06/2007 16:29

We have the BCLC cookery set

We made traffic light toast & fairy cakes


Queenee · 29/06/2007 16:38

I saw those guys on that comedy show doing a really filthy stand up show about male body parts and anytime they're cooking with anthing remotely phallic, I gag! None of the recipes look like anything a family pet would eat never mind extremely picky ds Start big and buy a nigella book for dd


witchandchips · 29/06/2007 16:41

i could rant for hours about how pants this programme is but lovely jay rayner puts it so much better

"It is a given that most television cookery programmes are profoundly irritating but one, a BBC show for the under-fives called Big Cook, Little Cook, is more irritating than is strictly necessary. It is not simply that the two actors involved have awful false laughs and are forced, by the producers, to pretend that cleaning up the kitchen is a cause for celebration (which even the most gullible 18-month-old knows is a dirty, filthy adult lie). It is more fundamental than that. First, there is the food they prepare, which bears no resemblance to anything anyone would ever eat: it is all bumble bees made out of sesame seeds and rice paper, or cream cheese mice with whiskers of chives. It isn't cooking. It's sculpture. Sometimes recipes are plain wrong. Their version of fruity ice cream? Mix jam into whipped cream and freeze. What utter cobblers.

...... But most infuriating is that no children are involved in the cooking. It is a child-free zone - yet there is so much that small kids can do in the kitchen and so much that they can learn about food there. Finally, nobody is ever seen eating anything. Stupid play food is shoved through a hatch to an unseen guest, where presumably the contents are scraped into the bin before the empty plate is sent back. The only interaction with food is when they throw it at each other, which is shameful"


cornsilk · 29/06/2007 16:42

I saw those two on an adult nostalgia show trying desperately to be funny. I don't Think their heart is really in kids TV.


doughnuts · 29/06/2007 16:43

lol witchandchips ! absolutely agree


lemonaid · 29/06/2007 16:45

Richard Herring's blog on BCLC.

Agree utterly with Jay Rayner, too.


pointydog · 29/06/2007 16:57

their food is bogging

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