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To think that Charlie (from Charlie & Lola).....

34 replies

theUrbanDryad · 29/06/2007 11:02

is practically bringing up his sister alone? where are the parents?

and if you ask me, pink milk sounds full of sugar and e numbers and not suitable for a bedtime drink!

OP posts:

nomdeplume · 29/06/2007 11:03

they are cute though


moljam · 29/06/2007 11:04

,same with max and ruby.wheres the parents?ruby does it all.


ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands · 29/06/2007 11:04

Max and Ruby seem neglected too. It concerns me. I may report the situation to social services.


ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands · 29/06/2007 11:04

Great minds.. lol


musicianswidowAKAmumofmonsters · 29/06/2007 11:05

don't get me started on Dora wandering round the jungle on her own!


GrumpyOldHorsewoman · 29/06/2007 11:08


The adults in Charlie and Lola are ever present, but deliberately never featured (I read an interview with Lauren Child and she said it is a conscious thing so the children only ever read about the children in the stories).

It's not just the pink milk, either. Lola likes 'yummy biscuits, sausagey rolls and sandwiches made from spready cheese'. Quick! Someone call the MN food police!

Unless, of course they are home made, and the spready cheese is, in fact, vintage camembert spread upon organic wholemeal and accompanied by a soupcon of redcurrant jelly.


NoodleStroodle · 29/06/2007 11:09

Clarice Bean's parents are there in an absent minded way but I do worry about her living in a house where the bathroom floor has fallen into the kitchen!


theUrbanDryad · 29/06/2007 11:18

what about the pink milk though GoH?

OP posts:

DumbledoresGirl · 29/06/2007 11:19

Careful! My youngest drinks pink milk for his bedtime drink.


Flame · 29/06/2007 11:23

Lola is very fussy about food, so I expect they just feed her anything in an attempt to get her to eat.

Mum & Dad are mentioned quite often... I am always slightly concerned about why they are in the park alone when Sizzles goes missing.


DaisyMOO · 29/06/2007 11:26

Her Dad takes her to the library though!


satine · 29/06/2007 11:27

Ha ha! My SIL delights in giving my children pink milk - only it's that god-awful neon raspberry flavour stuff in a bottle that you mix with milk like squash. Problem is, they think it's the best thing they've ever had.

I did draw the line the other day when she was about to put bloody Splenda on their strawberries. Mmmmm, a lovely cocktail of chemicals instead of unrefined cane sugar. ????

Ruby will become one of those irritating Head Girl types, whilst Max will become a Hell's Angel. And Maggie will need loads of therapy as a result of living in a strange fantasy world in her own head for so long.


lucykate · 29/06/2007 11:36

charlie & lola's mum never appears as she is too busy spending far too much time on mumsnet and far too much money shopping at boden.


GrumpyOldHorsewoman · 29/06/2007 11:38

Well, obviously pink milk is made from locally farmed, organic strawberries blended with soya and wheatgerm.

I can't believe you did not know that.


Oblomov · 29/06/2007 11:48

Charlie is 8 going on 35.


themaskedposter · 29/06/2007 11:50


Charlie is THEE best older brother in the world imo


BandofMuggles · 29/06/2007 12:01

Their dad took then to the park when Sizzles went missing, I believe. Having read the damn book a zillion times I should know for sure


fryalot · 29/06/2007 12:06

my two try to be Charlie and Lola - which allows me to mn


RosaLuxembourg · 29/06/2007 12:06

No it was just Charlie and his friend I'm sure, though I can't be bothered to go and look.


HappyDaddy · 29/06/2007 12:10

Just Charlie and Marv took Lola and Lotta.

Call childline.


lljkk · 29/06/2007 13:22

I always think it's wonderful when you see (read about) kids having their own adventures, without adults having to interfere or be seen as orchestrating everything.


lucykate · 29/06/2007 13:26

to be fair, the programme is aimed at children, that's why it's shown on cbeebies. kids want to see programmes about kids, not adults, so i can see the logic in it really.


PetitFilou1 · 29/06/2007 13:29

My sister had pink milk when she was little, it is even worse because it was probably made with Nestle strawberry milkshake powder


LoveAngel · 29/06/2007 14:22

Not Nesquik! gasps in horror

I was practically reared on the stuff :-)
Lola's got excellent taste.


hippipotami · 29/06/2007 20:34

no no no, if you watch the dvd, it starts with 'one day dad took us to the park. there was me and charlie, and charlie's friend marv, and my friend lotta. and sizzles. sizzles is marvs' dog. i love sizzles... or words to that effect... but dad definately took them to the park.

re pink milk - my dd is a very fussy eater and she has pink ovaltine max for milk before bed. better than nothing.

i love charlie and lola. not seen ruby and max.

apologies for lack of caps. chocolate biscuit stuck under caps button.

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