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To think Children's Telly portrays well old fashioned stuff?

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Stroo · 28/06/2007 17:00

All yesterday Cbeebies bleating on about hanging washing out. DS now wants to hang some washing out. Now i know it's supposedly better for the environment but it turns your towels into sandpaper and is laborious and the feminist in me refuses to hang washing out!

Also, help mummy with the cooking programmes drive me nuts! What meals do these mum's cook? - nothing that involves hot ovens, sharp knives and raw meat obviously.

Even the cbeebies house is strangely fifties looking.

what is going on?

OP posts:

MrMaloryTowers · 28/06/2007 17:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsMar · 28/06/2007 17:03

cor stroo, your electricity bills must be big? we can't afford to have our tumble dryer on all the time, wind is free!


cylonbabe · 28/06/2007 17:03

i dont hang washing out since i got a tumble drier. which i got coz got tired of having wet laundry all the time, and a house that resembeld an old fashioned laundromat.
i do cook occasionaly, but have discovered tesco finest range of readymeals. great stuff. when i do cook, th ekids dont help. except when baking, and i have got it so the ten year old now knows how to use the oven, he bakes from start to finish!


southeastastra · 28/06/2007 17:05

you don't hang your washing out??


meandmyflyingmachine · 28/06/2007 17:11

The feminist in you refuses to hang out washing?



Stroo · 28/06/2007 17:14 i don't hang washing out. I tumble dry. I never have time to hang washing out. It's a conspiracy to make us all work harder unnecessarily IMO.

The thread was supposed to be about old fashioned looking houses on telly.

That died on it's arse then.

OP posts:

fannyannie · 28/06/2007 17:15

even DS2 (who'll be 4 in November) helps me cook - there are plenty of ways of letting them even when knifes and hot things are around!

And tumble drier?? Haven't had one since my Washer/Dryer died a few months ago - but hadn't actually used it for over 2yrs (the tumble drier bit that is) anyhow.


slayerette · 28/06/2007 17:16

I love line dried washing. Just wish it would stop raining long enough for me to hang some out - line dried indoors is NOT the same.


southeastastra · 28/06/2007 17:16

sorry stroo just first thing i picked up on


Stroo · 28/06/2007 17:19

I'm nice really! Maybe i should start hanging washing out as it's obvious that most people still do.

Still think it makes towels stiff though!

DSs help make sandwiches etc. but it's the unrealistic (IMO) portrayal of kids in weird houses on telly i was thinking about today.

OP posts:

meandmyflyingmachine · 28/06/2007 17:20

Blimey. I must be old fashioned...


Dinosaur · 28/06/2007 17:22

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request.

meandmyflyingmachine · 28/06/2007 17:24

And what about "help muumy with the cooking". IME they are scrupulous about the gender thing on children's television these days. I think you are betraying your own gender stereotyping there...


Marne · 28/06/2007 17:25

We hang washing out on sunny days and use tumble dryer on wet days.

I cook with my children, my mum taught me how to cook and i will teach mine to cook


hatrick · 28/06/2007 17:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Stroo · 28/06/2007 17:35

Erm................i think this thread's gone a bit haywire!

My kids help me to make sarnies etc. and they are always to be seen in nice well laundered clothes.

Does noone else here think that kid's TV makes out family life to be a bit weird?

Must be just me. And that's okay. They don't portray much i can relate to when they do their real life bumpf.

Deffo just me.

OP posts:

Snaf · 28/06/2007 17:36

It's just you


FluffyMummy123 · 28/06/2007 17:37

Message withdrawn


VoluptuaGoodshag · 28/06/2007 17:43

What would you prefer? That TV shows a delivery appearing from Tesco with ready meals that you stick in the microwave and that washing is only ever put in the tumble drier.

I really am that people do NOT find this normal. My DH will gladly hang out a washing (without even being asked) so it's not a feminist issue. I'd rather TV portrayed things as old fashioned in the hope that my kids aspire to that rather than modern life where the environment means sod all, and all food magically appears without having to be made.


OrmIrian · 28/06/2007 17:44

Not noticed it really.


Stroo · 28/06/2007 21:22



OP posts:

Stroo · 28/06/2007 21:23

OP posts:

rolledhedgehog · 29/06/2007 08:26

Hanging out washing is not a feminist issue, its an environmental issue and teaching kids to cook is also not a feminist issue, its a health issue.


brimfull · 29/06/2007 08:30

What is old fashioned about hanging your washing out and cooking a meal fgs.
Ready meals are crap for old fashioned.
Tumble dryers are great for rainy days but a waste on dry days.


theUrbanDryad · 29/06/2007 08:31

wot rolledhedgehog said.

we can't afford to run a tumbledryer, so we dry outdoors on fine days and indoors on wet days. we can't afford to buy Tesco's finest ready meals, so i (or dh, quite often) cooks from scratch. my ds isn't old enough to watch CBeebies yet, but i'd be concerned if he watched it then started to say "Mumma why do you hang your washing out? it's so old fashioned!" i'll get that when he starts going over to friend's houses to play, no doubt!

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