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To think that Charlie

26 replies

mother2b · 28/06/2007 12:53

from big brother is a bitch! and i think im going to have to stop watching it because she annoys me so much

(i cant believe i am publicly admitting i watch it

OP posts:

jinxed · 28/06/2007 12:53

i think the same.

have not watched a lot but tuesday's and last nights episodes, i was getting wound up by her!

She seems to think Billy is in the wrong for nominating her, yet she nominated him! Double standards!


quint · 28/06/2007 12:54

I haven;t actually been watching it that, but on clips I've seen she sounds just like Lauren from the Catherine Tate show - surely she's not for real


Marne · 28/06/2007 12:54

I have given up watching it as Charlie is a bitch, shes annoys me so much, i hope to god she does'nt win.


curiouscat · 28/06/2007 12:57

Can't stand her, sooner she's gone the better. I agree with quint she's straight off Catherine Tate


Gingermonkey · 28/06/2007 13:04

yeah, well you're just jealous, right, coz my cousins a footballer, he's keiran richardson, yeh, and he bought me these ugg boots, yeh, and my mini cooper, right, and you can just f*$k off

AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH - someone please slap her, or I shall go down there, drag her out of the house myself and slap her and teach her some manners, what a nasty little madam she is (surely her parents - and her precious cousin are unbelievably embarressed)


scorpio1 · 28/06/2007 13:14

wouldn't you be proud if you were her mother??


woopsadaisy · 28/06/2007 13:24

god i hate her
but im a bit peed off that big brother KNOWS that she would have gone if she were up for eviction this week, so they choose a very 'convenient' punishment, so now she stays in the house and carrys on causing arguments etc


Bouncingturtle · 28/06/2007 13:27

Well I don't watch BB at all, and I know Charlie is a bitch - bascially because the press say so {grin], so I guess YANBU in your opinion, but don't get stressed about, not as if you'll ever meet her!


mother2b · 28/06/2007 13:29

i really thought she was going to hit billie last night and cant beleive they used the c word

i think when she gets nominated i will vote for the first time ever!!!!!!

OP posts:

Lolly68 · 28/06/2007 14:12

I dont like her either... but you have to admit if she wasnt in the house it would be very dull without her!


Louella37 · 28/06/2007 15:30

I heard Keiran Richardson was making a point of not watching the show...wouldn't you if Charley was a relation of yours!


3andnomore · 28/06/2007 15:35

Lolly, but maybe other Housemate would come a bit out of their shell, lol!
Charlie annoys me so much, it's unbelievable...she is trying to be a bit like little Nikki from last BB, all teh Drama, but she is so nasty, it's not enjoyable to watch at all...not that I enjoyed watching Nikki much, lol!


Lolly68 · 28/06/2007 16:08

She has definately got serious issues that she needs to deal with!! At least Nicky last year wasn't nasty with her tantrums. She was fun too watch (until she went back in) and then we knew she was playing on it!


zookeeper · 28/06/2007 16:12

when she gets going in the diary room she sounds exactly lie Vikki Pollard (is that her name?) from Little Britain


theUrbanDryad · 28/06/2007 16:12

hahaha - i clicked on this thinking this was a Charlie and Lola thread!!! stooooooopid dryad!


kel4mum · 28/06/2007 16:15



lillypie · 28/06/2007 16:19

what do you mean?she can't help it if she's the only IT girl in the house and she's slimmer and has more clothes and shoes


Flame · 28/06/2007 16:26

(So did I Dryad....)


chipmonkey · 28/06/2007 16:43

Apparently her footballer cousin has said he's never speaking to her again.


NoodleStroodle · 28/06/2007 16:47

I thought it would be about C&L too!

And I've only just found out about Preston & Chantal


flightattendant · 28/06/2007 19:26

Oh thought it was a drug thread.
Oh well.


flightattendant · 28/06/2007 19:26

(I don't especially like drugs btw or anything) (honest)


BBBee · 28/06/2007 19:30

i thought charlie and lola to!


flightattendant · 28/06/2007 19:33

Oh god I really am twisted!!!!!!


flightattendant · 28/06/2007 19:39

sorry if i killed the thread a bit just now

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