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To be peed off at letting agent

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mother2b · 28/06/2007 12:06

Have had a lot of trouble with this letting agency already and havent even move into the house yet, and now to top it all off;
FIL is being guarantor and house is in DP's name becasue it cant be in my name because im a temp
and the agency wont speak to me about the letting yet they will quite happily talk to MIL about the property
is this unreasonable?

MIL is great but am i right i thinking that if they wont speak to me then surely they shouldnt talk to her either?

Even got told by the agnecy if i wanted to know what was going on to aske her about it, i know its not her fault, shes been brill but am at agency

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mother2b · 28/06/2007 14:07


OP posts:

lizziemun · 28/06/2007 14:41

They would talk to her if both your fil and mil have sign as guarantor, which they may have had to do in their property is in both names.


funkimummy · 28/06/2007 14:44

If you're going to be a main tenant - then why can't they talk to you?

Your name can still be on the rent book if you're a temp surely? I had a mortgage with my DP - I was only a temp. We only used his earnings to prove income and there was no problem there? (not sure if I'm being thick and this is totally irrelevant?!?!)


LIZS · 28/06/2007 14:47

That sounds like total nonsense. We let to trainee air hostesses who were not on proper contracts and lost their jobs after 9/11. never occurred to us or our agent to insist on a guarantor.


muppetgirl · 28/06/2007 14:51

erm...this seems all a bit weird.
My dh and I let a house and I wasn't even working. They didn;t seem to have a problem with that.
WE shared with my brother and all three of us had to sign the contract.


Flame · 28/06/2007 14:56

It all depends on the agent/landlord.

Who is FIL guarantor FOR? If the tenancy isn't in your name at all then they are right not to talk to you about it, if MIL is co-guarantor then it makes sense to be able to talk to her.

I'm sick of the whole process though - DH is earning much more than he was when we signed the tenancy, we have been good tenants, never missing a payment, never causing problems for 3 years now... and yet we still have to have a guarantor (for both of us) because I get a miniscule amount of housing benefit a month.


FLIER · 28/06/2007 14:58

I think our letting agents ask for guarantors if you are under 21 or can't give any other references - could that be the case?

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