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to want to give away a cat

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goldenwings · 23/06/2007 00:03

dps sister friend found a kitten the other week abandoned in a box she couldnt keep it as she had a reaction. anyway dps sister took it in but she to had a reaction so the kitten came here so dps nephew could see it as he has grown attached.

anyway all was fine and dps sister got the jabs done half price on benefits as she was going to have the cat back because she didnt react to it after a while. but this cant happen now

however we have reached a problem and that is the cat scratches and bites i have an 8 month old who is crawling and weve had to stop the cat scratching him. hes just scratched my stomach (the cat not my son lol) and dp is caked in scratches. the kitten cant stay anymore as i dont want my son to be scratched.

dps sister has said that we cant give the cat away but we can sell it at £40 so she gets the injection money back. fair enough but ive tried pointing out its a non pedigree tom and noone will pay 40 quid for it. yes hes toilet trained but still noone will pay that much. so we seem to be stuck with him and im not sure what to do. he can be a sweet little thing but will not stop scratching and biting hes so bad for it. i just want him to go to a decent home but seriously noones going to want to pay 40 pound.

OP posts:

zookeeper · 23/06/2007 00:06

take the cat to the nearest animal shelter and give your sister £40 in instalments if you have to - it's only what you'd spend on catfood for the next few weeks


Twinklemegan · 23/06/2007 00:06

Perhaps when he can be neutered he'll calm down a little? Have you asked for the vet's advice? We've got two cats and we do have to keep DS away from them because he pulls their fur and tails. You're right though - no one's going to pay £40 unfortunately.


goldenwings · 23/06/2007 00:08

apparently he is to young at the moment to be neutered. i seriously cant have him here. hes so wild at times.

i did think about installments but dp says why should we have to pay out? i can see his point but we also took the cat in. plus we are already paying out money. although could do a fiver a week i guess.

OP posts:

TooTicky · 23/06/2007 00:09

Ask the Cats Protection League for advice.


zookeeper · 23/06/2007 00:10

You won't get £40 for him I wouldn't have thought so you have nothing to lose by taking him to a home


oggsfrog · 23/06/2007 00:11

Take the kitten to the nearest RSPCA/Animal Shelter/Cats Protection League as soon as you can.
Bugger the money.


themoon66 · 23/06/2007 00:11

If a kitten is born in the wild it will always be wild. I used to believe this was an old wives' tale, but it is actually true. Take the cat to a cats's shelter or something... it will never be happy living indoors with people.


UCM · 23/06/2007 00:14

Absolute bollox, when my cat had kittens, I vetted each and every owner, even did a home visit (honest), you will not get any money but I did get a couple of thank you cards and photos and the best bit, a ridiculous amount of thresher vouchers from a stupidly in love couple from buckinghamshire.


UCM · 23/06/2007 00:15

Ok, where do you live?


goldenwings · 23/06/2007 00:15

i just know her son is going to be crushed as well. but what can i do? ive got a feeling there will be a falling out over this.

someone did offer to take the cat they have a nice house with a garden and a big green out the front yet they refuse to pay 40 pound and quite right to.

its not the rehoming thats the problem its making dps sister see that A) we really dont want the cat dp is now adament he should go

and B) noone is going to pay 40 for him. and its not fair considering warm welcoming homes have been offered.

OP posts:

zookeeper · 23/06/2007 00:16

what's bollox?


Twinklemegan · 23/06/2007 00:16

Why can't she have the cat back?


sparklygothkat · 23/06/2007 00:17

give it back to her as she is no longer reacting to it and tellher to find some mug who will pay £40 (and she won't find anyone)


Saturn74 · 23/06/2007 00:18

Can I check if I've understood this correctly, please?

Your DP's sister found a cat, and made the decision to keep it.

She then found out she is allergic to cats, so you kindly took it off her.

Now it is attacking your baby (her nephew), but she says you can't give the cat away, and she wants £40 for it?

Do you see where I'm going with this?


goldenwings · 23/06/2007 00:18

shes expecting.
im in portsmouth (if the where do you live qwas aimed at me lol)

OP posts:

UCM · 23/06/2007 00:19

Give the cat to the people who offered who are obviously going to look after it. Then have the row with your SIL.

Show her this thread if you wish.

A kitten is not an ebay item!!!!


sparklygothkat · 23/06/2007 00:19

so what!! I'm expecting and have 3 cats, you only have to avoid cleaning the litter tray out


goldenwings · 23/06/2007 00:20

yes humphreycushion that about sums it up lol

OP posts:

Saltnpepper · 23/06/2007 00:20

How the hell can she say that the cat has to stay in your home?

I'd not have anything in my home that scratched and bit me or my children.

Although we have cats they stay outside, they are wild cats.... they come here to be fed but mostly stay around the hay shed to get the mice.

We've just had another litter of kittens. 8 have already been taken but I think we will keep the rest.

Sod the money, give the cat to a good, decent home.


oggsfrog · 23/06/2007 00:21

She desn't deserve the bloody cat back!!

Send it to be rehomed.


UCM · 23/06/2007 00:21

ZK, the fact that this person wants to sell a cat even though they have hoisted onto someone else to sell.

You never sell kittens, ever, you put restrictions on the people who are going to have them.

Probably going a bit ott on this thread to prove that I don't fucking hate cats, just mine


IsabelWatchingItRainInMacondo · 23/06/2007 00:22

Well, if dp's sister wants to get the money of the injection back, perhaps she can try to sell it herself?

I can't see why, if you are dealing with the problem cat, she has a say in this matter?

I would offer the sister two options:

  1. Selling the cat herself or,
  2. allowing you to give it to whomever wants it/taking it to a refuge.

UCM · 23/06/2007 00:22

Sorry Portsmouth is too far away for me to travel to get it. Poor thing.


Jenkeywoo · 23/06/2007 00:23

where I live kittens are very scare and cost a small fortune - £80 in freeads and I paid £100 in a pet shop for a bog standard moggy. So here you could definatively get £40 for it... but I think this little kitty would be best off at the cat's protection league as they have the time and resources to find it a more suitable home.


Saturn74 · 23/06/2007 00:24

goldenwings - I think you need to give her two choices

1: she comes and collects the cat
2: you take the cat to a rescue centre

It's not fair for your baby to be at risk of being injured, and it's not fair for the cat to be in an environment where he's not really wanted.

You have done your best by him, but your DP's sister is being selfish and unreasonable in expecting you to obey her orders, and not taking responsibility for the animal she initially took in.

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