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MIL tries to sell my present to her on eBay

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runawayquickly · 19/06/2007 17:32

I gave MIL a ticket to an X Factor concert as part of her Christmas present as I'd had to endure her and my 7 yr old DS tuning in every Sat during her visits. Explained I had three other tickets too and she would be going with DS and my babysitter and her boyfriend.She seems chuffed.
Later, I check eBay for more tickets as gig is sold out and I suddenly have a pang of sorrow that I won't be there to see DS go mad at his first ever grown up concert.
Well, waddya know. The silly MIL has only gone and put her ticket on there. I go ballistic, bid on it, send her a 'question for seller' email asking her what the hell is going on... She says she will explain and sends me a letter saying she didn't want to go on her own (??) and she was trying to get enough money so we could all go somewhere nice together.
That was about three months ago now and we still haven't spoken, even though I have mailed her and said 'look, I don;t understand why you did it but let's get over it.' Am I being a cow? Should I be making the first move or wait for her cos she's obviously embarrassed to be caught out?
Sorry for the long post. RANT!

OP posts:

allgonebellyup · 19/06/2007 17:34

oh god
thats rather offensive and also sneaky

no advice sorry but you sound more mature than her


cornsilk · 19/06/2007 17:34

How strange! Who did she think would be accompanying your ds?


Cappuccino · 19/06/2007 17:35

ok two things

she sold your ticket

she likes X factor

leave her to it


runawayquickly · 19/06/2007 17:37

That's what I couldn't understand. Guess she thought the babysitter would take him along. Unless she just didn't listen when I explained and thought she had been given a ticket to go on her own. Wouldn't be the first time she didn't bother listening, have to say

OP posts:

flightattendant · 19/06/2007 17:37

Oh it's always awful for everyone in this situation. Poor you and poor her, nobody's being unreasonable, it's just very awkward.
Perhaps she didn't really like it too much but watched it for your DS's sake? In which case she might be totally embarrassed to go to a gig and be possibly the oldest person there...'on her own' in terms of feeling like she doesn't belong there.
I'd ring her up. It's easy to get a present wrong and doesn't sound like she meant to offend you, probably was going to use the money to pay for something you'd all feel comfortable with/
I'd be upset too but try to laugh it off if you can,it was just one of those things.
We all make mistakes


bookwormmum · 19/06/2007 17:39

Is it that she sold the ticket or that she didn't tell you she didn't want to go anymore - after all, you could have gone in her place? I've sold presents people have given me (ok, not so blatantly as that) as I preferred the money to the present. That's hardly applicable in this case though.


runawayquickly · 19/06/2007 17:40

flightattendant, you sound like a saint. I know you're right. I... just...can' hone....AAAG!

OP posts:

WelshBoris · 19/06/2007 17:40

Didn't she think she'd be caught out when you asked DS if Granny liked X Factor

DS "I don't know, some man called Trevor from Isleworth came instead"


runawayquickly · 19/06/2007 17:41

LOL WelshBoris, that's classic!

OP posts:

flightattendant · 19/06/2007 17:47

god no see my thread about MY mil!!!!!!!


rhubarb90 · 19/06/2007 18:20

I don't think you're being unreasonable to feel rather fed up by this, and really she should be the one to contact you to make amends, but clearly she's feeling very embarassed by the whole thing. If you want to get back on the right track you might have to be the one to try and make it happen. I hope you can sort it out, either by confronting her on it or deciding to forget it happened at all. I have ceased to be surprised by my MIL doing stuff like this, twice so far we've given her presents for Christmas only to receive them back the following year. She doesn't take any notice of who's given her what and then re-gifts it. I haven't bothered mentioning it, cos I find it both insulting and yet somehow amusing... but there you go.


alicet · 19/06/2007 20:48

Did I miss something but didn't you say you had already mailed her to try and clear the sir? If you have (and my babybrain isn't just making me imagine stuff that isn't there) then surely it's her turn to make the next move!


runawayquickly · 20/06/2007 11:25

Nope, you didn't miss something - I did mail her and was pretty nice about it.
She's been telling DH she's texted and mailed me and I won't reply. I've had the same mail address and moby number for years and I;ve got nothing from her. I think maybe she's just gone mad. Let that be a lesson to all on the dangers of KateThornton-itis.

OP posts:

Eliza2 · 20/06/2007 11:31

I think you're right, runawayquickly. Your MIL has gone mad. I hope she makes contact with you soon.

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