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I want to cry over my washer dryer

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NoseTitZilla · 07/11/2018 20:53

My washer dryer stopped working this week. It is less than a year old and I forgot to register the warranty when we got it. However I'm pretty confident that the problem is a load of tissues in a pocket Angry The filter got jammed so DH had to open the panel to unclog it to find DD's hair clip wedged in but nothing else in there despite tissue all in the drum Confused . The tumble dryer function is still not bloody heating at all and I could cry, we live in an old property that just gets humid and clothes don't dry inside, especially when we're out most of the time and widows aren't open. We can't dry them outside as it's raining.

Can anyone recommend a repair service or have any suggestions?

I am shamelessly posting here for traffic.

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BlueJava · 07/11/2018 20:54

If you have the receipt why not just call the seller - whether or not you returned the warranty card.

SweepTheHalls · 07/11/2018 20:54

Do you dry using the sensors rather than timed dry? They have given up the ghost on mine, but if I just do a timed dry it continue to work.

UpstartCrow · 07/11/2018 20:55

Does it have a sump, and if so take that off and clean it, and the pipe that leads to the drain. Its looks like a black rubber cup at the bottom of the drum,. Its held on by a crocodile clip and they usually put the screw in an awkward spot to discourage you.
Its really a 2 person job as you have to tilt the machine.

PurpleCrazyHorse · 07/11/2018 21:01

You still have consumer rights even if you didn't post off the warranty card.

dementedpixie · 07/11/2018 21:03

It should still be under warranty

Topseyt · 07/11/2018 21:16

If you can prove where and when you bought it then surely it is still covered by the warranty?

I would have thought so anyway. Call the seller and/or the manufacturer. Have the serial number handy. That lets the manufacturer know when it rolled off the production line, so they will be able to see how it stands with regard to the warranty.

If the breakdown has been caused by stuff in pockets and hair clips then I don't know how you would stand with warranty though. Hopefully it wouldn't invalidate it.

Lululemonade · 07/11/2018 21:17

What make is it? This happened to me with a Bosch- there is an overheating switch which gets flicked when the fluff builds up too need to remove the top and flick the switch and clean all the fluff and then run the fluff clean programme regularly (engineer told me it needs to be done weekly!)

NoseTitZilla · 07/11/2018 23:29

Hmm, perhaps it's fluff?! The filter is almost always empty but I'm forever pulling fluff out of the seal. I don't know where it's all accumulated inside the machine otherwise Confused

Thanks Topsey, I'll try ringing them tomorrow.

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