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Child Maintenance

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itsbritneybiatches · 07/11/2018 13:18

So as not to drip feed....

ExH stopped paying anything towards our daughter.

I opened a case with the CMS and they advised he needed to pay £76 a month.

I got back in touch with them after
Having some great advice from mumsnet. He works for himself and was paying himself dividends to avoid paying the right amount of CMS and you guys suggested I got back in touch with the CMS and ask them to raise a variation stating this. I did and they have now changed the amount to £412 a month.

He's since asked them to reconsider the amount. And not paid anything this month towards our daughter.

I called and asked yesterday about this and they said he didn't have to pay anything whilst they were investigating.

I called again today and was told he does have to pay and that they will look into it.

I asked them how often do I need to ask them to check about dividends I.e him taking them and they didn't know. I said he will take them as and when he feels like so do I just tell you once a year or can you not back date it then or do I have to ask you to check every month given that we don't know when he will take them but we know he will. They can't check every month was the response.

Aibu is expecting them to tell me what the answer is here?

Totally appreciate they can't check every month but where does they leave me?

Do I have to ask them every year? What happens if they check and then he takes a divedend if 50 grand the month after? Which he has done before.

Can anyone advise please?

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itsbritneybiatches · 07/11/2018 14:37

He's also never paid the £412 only the £76

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