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Help - Buying in Orpington

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itsmehere1 · 07/11/2018 10:50

Hello all. We (FTBs) have been planning to buy a house for almost 6 months now but don't seem to be getting anywhere. We are planning to have a child next year. We have three requirements:

  1. Min. 3 bed house with 1 bath and 1 down-stair toilet (if possible) near to the Orpington station (10-12 minutes walking) as we both work in the city (Tower Hill and City Thameslink)

  1. House to be in catchment of good primary (maybe Tubbenden?), good secondary (maybe Darrickwood) and also near to grammar schools (maybe St Olaves/Newstead) if possible

  1. Budget of 500-575k

Hoping someone with good knowledge of Orpington area can help us here. If someon can point to good streets/areas (we have seen Ridgeway Crescent/Tubbenden Lane). We are also open to Hayes (Pickhurst/Hayes Secondary) with same criterias. Thanks.

Ps: I posted in Property section but thought to post here for more traction as we are really struggling with the property finding malarkey :(
OP posts:
PettsWoodParadise · 11/01/2019 14:03

Sorry, only just seen this so it may be too late, but have you tried the Crofton part of Orpington? The Place Farm Estate isn't the prettiest with 1960s architecture but that is why the property is affordable and it is still a nice community. It is a bit more of a walk to the station, maybe fifteen minutes, but you get more for your money, are in catchment for Crofton (ofsted Outstanding) and also Darrick Wood for Secondary.

Tubbenden Lane is quite affordable but does get log jammed with school traffic, as does Newstead Avenue and environs.

Better community feel (in my opinion, but I am biased) in Petts Wood, for which primary is ok, but secondary for girls can be awkward, boys are catered for with Ravens Wood, but many girls go to a huge variety of schools including Kent and Bexley grammars, Newstead, Chislehurst School for girls, Coopers.

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