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To still feel sad?

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pineapplepromises · 07/11/2018 00:16

It's been almost ten years since I lost my child. I still feel so upset about it every day I feel like it is ruining my life. Any other bereaved parents out there who can tell me when this will end?

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Rachelover40 · 07/11/2018 00:18

No experience but it is something that happened that was immeasurably sad. I don't think you ever really get over the loss of a child but time makes it easier and you will be able to accommodate the grief. I hope other things in your life are good op. x

QuickPollPlease · 07/11/2018 00:27

I lost my first daughter 25 years ago.

Having more children was a great comfort.

Op Flowers

How old were they when they passed away?

pineapplepromises · 07/11/2018 00:32

He was eight weeks old. I have had two more children since which has definitely helped. It's just so hard to accept though isn't it? Sorry for your loss and thank you for replying x

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pineapplepromises · 07/11/2018 00:36

Thank you xx

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QuickPollPlease · 07/11/2018 00:38

She was a month and a day. I think of her a lot but especially at new year and her birthday.

For many years I couldn't celebrate New year at all.

Is it a significant time for you now?

QuickPollPlease · 07/11/2018 00:40

And sorry for the loss of your son too xx

pineapplepromises · 07/11/2018 00:47

Yes his birthday was recently then he died at New Year time too so I’m the same with not wanting to celebrate. Christmas used to be my favourite time of year and now I feel so torn as I want to be excited with my other kids but my hearts just not in it. I feel like such a crappy mum sometimes.

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RumbleDoll · 07/11/2018 01:38

I lost my son, aged 31 to sepsis 9 yrs ago on 29th December.
He would have been 40 on 1st November.
For some reason we're all finding this year so difficult.
Time is not a great healer.
Nothing heals the lost of a child, no matter what their age

QuickPollPlease · 07/11/2018 22:35

@rumbledoll @pineapplepromises handhold and hugs to you.

Not a great club to be in, is it, this one?


pineapplepromises · 08/11/2018 01:03

@RumbleDoll so sorry for your loss. That's just so sad. I'm struggling a lot this year too. Sometimes I'm better but I think it depends what else is going on at the time. I also feel that the longer it goes on the less you feel you can talk about it with people who haven't been through it.

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BusterGonad · 08/11/2018 11:43

I'm so sorry for everyone who has lost a child, I nearly did at birth due to extreme prematurely and I can only imagine how hard it is for you all. I still feel sad when I remember how hard it was for me and will never get over it. He's a live and well. Never feel you can't talk about it, and if you feel you can't then please feel free to talk to us mums-netters about it. ❤️

bobstersmum · 08/11/2018 12:02

Sending hugs op, so sorry for your loss.

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