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AIBU? think that 6th November is way too early for Christmas decorations in Costa Coffee ?

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IndigoSpritz · 06/11/2018 13:55

I couldn't believe it when I walked in this morning and there was tinsel on the ballustrades, stars on the window panes and a Christmas tree on a window ledge.

Has the world gone mad ?

OP posts:

greendale17 · 06/11/2018 18:20

Yes it is ridiculous and overkill


Cthulwho · 06/11/2018 19:02

The Costa at my workplace started serving the Christmas range of drinks and food on Halloween.

Hate me if you like, but I had one of their "ultimate Christmas toastie"s on Friday. In my defence, I'm 7 months pregnant and saw it and REALLY wanted it Grin


Tunnocks34 · 06/11/2018 19:05

I love it! I normally hold off until December 1st before putting my declarations up but I’m tempted to go a week or two early this year!


IndigoSpritz · 06/11/2018 19:12

Fair point, E4, but a Christmas menu in November, when it is still autumn, is preposterous. I guess it's just cynical marketing when all said and done.

PS. I DO like the Black Forest hot chocolate but I wait until December. Otherwise I'd be bored of its decadence too early.

OP posts:

siakcaci · 06/11/2018 19:28

Nov 6th is always the date that Christmas arrives at Costa.

It's actually the first Thursday of November....


IndigoSpritz · 07/11/2018 09:45

However, I have obtained a copy of the Booth's Christmas catalogue. It came out about three weeks ago so it beats Costa. I haven't looked at it yet - should be eye-watering ! I once totalled the cost of everything in a Booth's Christmas catalogue. It topped £15,000.00.

OP posts:

PhilomenaButterfly · 07/11/2018 10:20

Same here Breadfoam, but that's only because DS 28 buys all his Lego online, so I buy him a Lego eGift card every birthday and Christmas. DD's top and DS2's dress up will have to be bought online too, because I can't find anything close to what DD wants in the shops, and nowhere seems to have DS2's size. Everything else I hope to buy in the shops.

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