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AIBU to want to moan about bedbugs!! **Thread title edited by MNHQ**

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Strugglingnowcananyonehelpme · 06/11/2018 12:29

Hi All,

This is my first post although I am a long time lurker.
So I think I just want to let off steam really and maybe see if anyone has any advice.

I have BedBugs - I've had them for a few months now. I have paid out approx. £2k on trying to get rid of them. I have had pesticide sprays x 4, heat treatment x 1 and they're still here. Myself and my dc are getting bitten both daytime and night. I have them in all rooms.

The latest (Heat treatment) was guaranteed which is why I borrowed the money for it, but they won't come back out unless I can find proof - I have monitors they're not picking them up ( if I knew where they were hiding I'd kill them myself!).

I have steam cleaned, put DE down (where safe to do so), all washing has been treated and is stored in plastic bags. I just don't know what else to do, but they're not going to go away are they?!

I have no money left (in debt already through treatment). The companies I dealt with although BPCA registered only seem to be interested in taking money/first treatments - no one is interested in follow up inspections - the emphasis is on me to prove I still have them.

I have contacted the BPCA and am awaiting a response. Has anyone else dealt with this? Did they have them this bad? What did they do? I'd be grateful for any help and advice, please.

Thank you for reading for obvious reasons I don't want to tell anyone irl!

OP posts:
Biddie191 · 06/11/2018 13:02

Are you sure it's bedbugs you're getting bitten by?

Strugglingnowcananyonehelpme · 06/11/2018 13:06

Thanks for your response Biddie

I'm pretty sure, I have seen a couple of dead ones in the beginning and they definitely looked like the pictures I have seen to me, but I'm happy to be corrected. Is there another bug that bites and can survive heat treatment and pesticides?
Plus we get bitten when sitting on the sofas/chairs and in bed.

I'm at my wits end so open to any suggestions!

OP posts:
Strugglingnowcananyonehelpme · 06/11/2018 15:25

bumping in the hope that someone can help me.

OP posts:
papaoomama · 06/11/2018 15:33

You need the thread name changed so people will click into it. Mention the bedbugs!

Strugglingnowcananyonehelpme · 06/11/2018 15:37

Thank you papoomam - can you tell me how to do it... sorry its all new to me..

OP posts:
SkiMum99 · 06/11/2018 15:43

Have you got wooden beds? They can live in the joints of the wood and extremely hard to get rid off. Metal bed frames are easier to treat, all bedding, blankets & pillows& duvets washed at 90c etc (used to work somewhere that had a problem with them)

Strugglingnowcananyonehelpme · 06/11/2018 15:51

Thanks SkiMum

I have treated all of the bed joints and bought new bedding and they are better but still there. I'd buy new furniture but I'm worried that will just become infested too (and I'm broke!)

I've been washing the bedding but on 60c I'll try 90c - see if that helps Smile

OP posts:
bringbackthestripes · 06/11/2018 15:53

Poor you- I was bitten by bed bugs backpacking years ago- very painful and itchy and that was just one night! It must be very distressing for you.
I think if you click report at the top of your original post you can message MN to ask them to change the title, that way you may get some help.

Strugglingnowcananyonehelpme · 06/11/2018 16:01

Thank you bringbackthestripes,

I have asked them to change it now. I'm not sure what I'm looking for really. Mostly just moral support I think.

I've been dealing with this on my own for months and I'm avoiding friends because of it so sometimes it gets a bit tough.

It's taken a lot of courage to post it on here - I'm so embarrassed.

OP posts:
longwayoff · 06/11/2018 16:10

Are you in U K? If so contact environmental health at local council.

Strugglingnowcananyonehelpme · 06/11/2018 16:18

I hadn't thought of that longwayoff ill give it a try. Thank you

OP posts:
Thesuzle · 06/11/2018 16:18

There is something called Which i think you sprinkle on things like carpets which are hard to replace due to cost etc
Google bedbugs. It comes up It dries them out
Stand bed legs in polystyrene cups with Vaseline in the bottom
Remove headboards and burn
Go round the edges of the mattresses everyday and catch the buggers
Switch to foam mattress, no button dips to hide under
Clean out any suitcases you may have bought the blighters back from holiday
Good luck

Strugglingnowcananyonehelpme · 06/11/2018 16:21

Wow thesuzle that's loads of advice. Thank you Smile

OP posts:
BlankTimes · 06/11/2018 16:28

Its Diatomaceous Earth.

I got some for gardening from Julie's Discounts on ebay.

DiaryofWimpyMum · 06/11/2018 17:33

I'm sorry you're dealing with this, I stayed in a B&B for 2 nights and came out covered in bites. I can't imagine having them in the house it must be so distressing

MrsTommyBanks · 06/11/2018 17:55

Is it possible you are getting reinvested from a neighbour?
My DS had a terrible time trying to get rid of them, until one of the guys that came out to treat his flat checked his neighbours property. One was riddled.
Once both properties were treated he had no more issues.

Strugglingnowcananyonehelpme · 06/11/2018 18:06

MrsTommyBanks It is possible I suppose. Trouble is it means I've got to admit my problem in order to find out Blush

In actual fact it would make sense as the treatments always seem to work for a bit and then we're suddenly infested again.

Tbh I just need someone who really knows their stuff to investigate for me but that seems to be difficult to get.

I have heard back from the heat treatment company though and I think they may come back to do a survey.

OP posts:
bringbackthestripes · 06/11/2018 19:35

I hope the company do come back, survey and then help you & you manage to get rid of them for good. You must dread going to bed Sad

BluePigeon · 06/11/2018 19:38

Is it possible you are getting reinvested from a neighbour?

I was going to suggest this. I once saw a programme where a woman's house kept getting reinfested due to a neighbour who wouldn't treat them.

In the end, she had to move out and just left all her belongings in the house (sorry, OP).

theWarOnPeace · 06/11/2018 19:39

Do you have kids that are going off to NRP every other weekend and bringing them back? You have my sympathy, it must be so incredibly stressful!

Strugglingnowcananyonehelpme · 06/11/2018 20:25

I do have dc that go to NRP EOW but, the time frame with them coming back doesn't add up - they were back in full force after a couple of days and I think it would take much longer than that if it was a new infestation.

I too have heard of people having to move - really not an option for us though - and I couldn't knowingly pass them on to anyone else.

It's so mentally stressful - take it as a warning from me, these things are becoming more common make sure you check after visiting/visitors and before buying a house!

I honestly think I will crack if it doesn't get sorted soon. dc can't have friends over and I can't even think about Christmas Sad

OP posts:
RaymondinaReddington · 06/11/2018 20:34

Echo the above. My sister ha this problem. Spent many thousands on different treatments and replacing furniture as you describe. They kept coming back until next door House was investigated and it was found that the neighbours house was hooching with them. And had passed it on to two houses either side. She did get rid of them eventually but only when environm3ntal health intervened with the neighbour. Cost her a fortune. Talk to your neighbours unless you live in a detached house.


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Getoffthetableplease · 06/11/2018 20:35

Oh goodness, we've been there and it's so stressful, I'm sorry you're having a tough time. We ended up stripping all the wallpaper in one of the bedrooms off as there was a tiny crevice in it that they were hiding out in - check your walls and all nooks and crannies in furniture. Make sure you're regularly putting all soft items including soft toys in the dryer for half an hour or so, even if you aren't washing them. Check your loft and swallow your pride to check with neighbours too, it will be worth it to see the back of the bugs, I promise!

Strugglingnowcananyonehelpme · 06/11/2018 20:38

Thanks RaymondinaReddington

I think you maybe right it certainly seems to be the general consensus. Looks like I'm going to have to be an adult about it and pop round there Hmm

Luckily I have nice neighbours but I really, really don't want to upset them and if I'm honest if they do have them and they're unaware, I don't want to be the one to destroy that for them Sad

OP posts:
Strugglingnowcananyonehelpme · 06/11/2018 20:43


Strangely it's nice to know I'm not the only one Smile

I have binned/bagged up all soft toys (we're currently keeping all clothes in bags). I think I will brave the neighbour tomorrow and I'm all set for another thorough inspection.

It's so difficult as it's just me dealing with it all and I have to work too.

It's been so nice just to get the support on this thread. Thank you all.

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