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Women in hit songs by Eagles - AIBU to think they could use some MN advice?

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Defenbaker · 06/11/2018 02:26

I've been binge watching old videos of hit songs by the Eagles, and was struck by the thought that the women depicted by the lyrics don't seem very happy, and could use some MN advice. For example:

"I've got seven women on my mind.
4 that wanna own me, 2 that wanna stone me,
One says she's a friend of mine."

Translation: I'm a cheating womanising commitment-phobe. 2 exes want me dead, I'm juggling 4 but my ego is bruised because 1 has put me in the friend zone.

I reckon those 4 need telling to LTB and get themselves checked at the STD clinic, and the "friend" should run for the hills.

Then there is the woman with the "Lyin' Eyes". She married for money but "every refuge has its price." Maybe she was the one who later ended up "Tiffany twisted" with the "Mercedes Bends", at the Hotel California, where she danced to forget. I reckon she's got a drink/drug problem and needs to join AA.

And don't get me started on the woman in Wasted Time...

Any other Eagles fans here?

OP posts:

WeBuiltThisBuffetOnSausageRoll · 06/11/2018 11:56

If I were Billie Jean, I’d be as mad as hell with Michael Jackson.

If you think BJ has it bad, what about poor Annie? As a general rule of thumb, if you feel the genuine need to ask somebody 38 times if they're OK.... they probably aren't....


Honeyroar · 06/11/2018 11:59

Annie was real. She was found dead in Paris, I think, and her face became the inspiration for the resussi Annie used in CPR training.


WeBuiltThisBuffetOnSausageRoll · 06/11/2018 12:10

Also, "I drove all night, crept into your room. Woke you from your sleep - to make love to you."

Possibly not quite the most romantic way to go about things. Apart from the very concerning issue of consent (which, granted, they may have mutually agreed on in advance), surely if she's a normal human, as soon as he woke her up, she'd have much less sexy but nevertheless significantly more pressing urges taking precedence in the general genital area?!


WeBuiltThisBuffetOnSausageRoll · 06/11/2018 12:12


I din't know that at all - I still think it's a bit of a creepy, hounding way of paying tribute to her in song, though.


Honeyroar · 06/11/2018 18:33

Yes so do I. It's a strange song.


Gramgram · 06/11/2018 22:48

@Monstamio Glenn Frey's son, Deacon has joined the Eagles. He looks so like his father in the seventies. I'm looking forward to seeing them in June next year.


Defenbaker · 06/11/2018 22:57


I've never seen them in concert and recently looked at tickets for their upcoming tour. I was shocked to see that prices ranged up to well over £200, but anyway they'd all sold out. I guess rock legends can charge pretty much what they like, knowing that fans will pay those prices, especially as they are not likely to be touring much longer considering their ages. It's a real shame that Don Frey is no longer around, but apparently his son does a great job, according to reviews. It's good that the next generation can keep the Eagles soaring.

(I wonder what ticket touts/dodgy websites will charge for good tickets in the first few rows? £1000 or more perhaps? Then add on travel and hotel costs for London, and it all gets horribly expensive.)

I agree about Jolene... the wife needs to get some self respect!

As for the PP concerning Young Girl, if you think that's bad, listen to the lyrics of Gary Puckett's other song, Lady Willpower... "Did no one ever teach you the facts of life? I would gladly teach you... it's now or never - give your love to me!" Lady Willpower needs to know that a decent man wouldn't pressurise her that way, and anyway this guy has form for hanging around underage girls! (When I say 'guy' obviously I'm talking about the imagined character, not the RL singer.)

OP posts:

Defenbaker · 06/11/2018 23:01

Oops, sorry I meant Glenn Frey. Apologies for name mix up.

OP posts:

Vitalogy · 07/11/2018 04:13

I knew I'd heard your username before @Defenbaker It's just popped into my mind. The dog from Due South? Loved that Fraser Program.


NOTthepinkranger · 07/11/2018 04:59

Lou Bega really is a womaniser, he sings about 9 women in mambo no.5 disgusting.

The women need to come together and show him he’s a pig


FlaviaAlbia · 07/11/2018 05:07

"Want to stone me" Shock

I thought it was "want to hold me", I thought it was more romantic relationships than the other two Grin

That is creepy Honeyroar


SusieQ5604 · 07/11/2018 05:32

Loved this post! For some reason I've been binge listening to Journey and Steve Perry lately.....


Spiderdemon · 07/11/2018 06:05

And the woman in Desperado who's been 'out riding fences for so long now is clearly perfectly fine and just someone who doesn't want to go out with him. She's chosen the Queen of Diamonds instead of the Queen of Hearts - translation, why don't you give up your job so I can abuse you at home with my financial coercion? GrinGrin


Shockers · 07/11/2018 06:13

What about Lucille?

I used to hear ‘400 children’, as a kid; it never struck me as odd either Grin.

But come on Mrs- he’s doing his best, with the crop n’all!


Didactylos · 07/11/2018 14:29

wasnt it 400 children and a crap in the field?


CuriousaboutSamphire · 07/11/2018 14:50

Annie wasn't real. But the tempo of the song is the in resuscitation rhythym range and MJ had taken a few 1st Aid courses, where the phrase "Are you OK Annie" has been part of the "On entering the room" speak for a lot longer than the song has been around... walk into the room and ask, as you approach, Are you OK Annie, Annie are you OK, are you OK Annie No response = start resusc procedure.

I'm now pondering all the other Eagles songs... Grin

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