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AIBU to make sister move out!

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angandbaby19 · 05/11/2018 21:29

Moving into my new house in 2 weeks, currently living at mum and dads where up until the other day sister used to live to!
Me and sister are both quite young ( sister is 22 now) anyway my sister came home the other day in a pissed off mood because she failed her theory on her driving lessons (nobody else's fault)
Me and my mum were sitting in the living room watching some tv when sister stormed in the house having a full tantrum.
She started having a row with my mum and also with me, and after some words she decided to get up and attack me, everyone in the family and also my sister know that i am pregnant, i'm five weeks now, but at the time obviously still very early in my pregnancy, anyhow sister ended up kicking me in my stomach quite hard! Which is disgusting and im pregnant aswell!!!
I managed to get away from her and sat outside for a while just trying to get my head around what she did!
I told my mum that she had to move out until i leave to go in my own house, mum agreed and shes gone to stay with her nan
She came home with her nan to pack a few things, and her nan started shouting abuse at me!
Saying that IABU by telling her to leave the house!
I don't think that i'm being unreasonable here, i can't live with someone who can do that and i'm still really angry at the fact she did it fully knowing that i am pregnant...mum thinks she should come back to the house, i've said leave it until i move out  AIBU here?

OP posts:
Queenofthestress · 05/11/2018 21:38

As horrible as it sounds, it's your mums house so it's your mums choice if she comes back or not, you can't dictate who comes and goes

TeeBee · 05/11/2018 21:42

Omg, I'm so sorry. They sound horribly abusive. To be quite honest, I'd have reported her to the police for assault. That's hideous.

angandbaby19 · 05/11/2018 21:43

@Queenofthestress i've not dictated to anyone, if my mum wants her back, which i agree its her house ive not said u deff can't have her back here, but ive said if we can leave it until i move out...

OP posts:
angandbaby19 · 05/11/2018 21:47

@TeeBee i did think of doing that tbh but my mums said if they asked her she wouldnt say anything incase of getting her in trouble  so it would be my word against hers and she would deff lie i know what shes like  its not the first time either, shes been like this before (before i was pregnant) just really hurt by it all x

OP posts:
ButchyRestingFace · 05/11/2018 21:48

If it's two weeks, I'm tended to agree she should stay out until then. The atmosphere would be horrible anyway if she came back. I take it you two don't usually get on?

But your mum wants her back. So if back she comes, what are you gonna do?

Leeds2 · 05/11/2018 21:50

Could you move into your nan's for the two weeks until you move into your new home?

angandbaby19 · 05/11/2018 21:50

@ButchyRestingFace i've said if she does end up coming back i'll have to stay at a friends house until my place is ready (friends happy for me to go there) but im so tired lately its not the same relaxing in your own house and being at someone elses, but if it comes to it, thats what i would have to do x

OP posts:
Rachelover40 · 05/11/2018 22:08

You poor girl. Your sister was really horrible to do that, I can't begin to imagine kicking someone in the stomach pregnant or not. I hope you are OK now.

I don't know why 'nan' is sticking up for her after what she did. It was assault.

I hope she stays away for the two weeks you have left at your mums house - and how the pair of you are going to come back from this I don't know.

donquixotedelamancha · 05/11/2018 22:25

my mums said if they asked her she wouldnt say anything incase of getting her in trouble

Christ on a bike OP.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and new home. You sound like your life is fairly together.

Know that normal families don't act like yours. Once you are out of it don't be afraid to have a bit of distance and deal with them on your own terms. Make a better life for your kid.

YANBU to expect to be treated with respect.

Jamiefraserskilt · 05/11/2018 22:43

I'd be worried about your Mum's safety with that level of volatility! Kicking you in the stomach is unforgivable and doing it whilst pregnant should be attempted murder of your unborn child.
It is your Mum's house and her decision.

Pinkyyy · 05/11/2018 22:45

Sounds to me like you're both very childish. Hope you do a lot of growing up in the coming months.

StarsHollow123 · 05/11/2018 22:59

I totally agree with a @donquixotedelamancha - it is not normal for a family to behave like this. The idea that your mum is sanctioning your sisters behaviour is appalling, she should want nothing more to do with your sister after how she behaved let alone have her back in the house.

I would call the police anyway. Regardless of what your mum said, you have a duty to protect your child and this is the first thing you can do. Your sister needs to learn she cannot try and hurt/kill your baby and get away with it (I'm somewhat Hmm at even needing to say that).

I would be moving out now and can't imagine how I'd want any of my family to have contact with my DC given their behaviour.

Thanks for you OP.

AwakeNow · 05/11/2018 23:00

After your mother saying she woukd not say anything if you called police, I think I would have to move out. Your mum and sister and nan all sound disgraceful. OP, if your unborn baby was kicked in the gut by a sibling, would you act and do as your mum? Would you lie to the cops to protect a violent 22 yr old from the consequences of her own actions of attempted murder at the most and assault at the least?
You are pregnant, you need to protect your child....otherwise you will be like your mum and saying to look the other way. I think you should report this to the police. If the police question her, she may tell the truth. At least it will be on record that your sister assaulted you.
Do you have any bruising...maybe seeing a doctor just to be sure you and pregnancy are ok, plus for the record would be wise too?
You and your baby do not deserve to be treated this way!

BlueCurious · 05/11/2018 23:03

@Pinkyyy - How have you come to the conclusion that OP is childish?

YANBU OP, your Mum should be more supportive. I'm sorry your sister's a prick! Hope you're ok.

Pinkyyy · 05/11/2018 23:09

@BlueCurious it's obvious. But I think I'm going to make a swift exit from this thread as I clearly am not on the same wavelength as someone who is advising her to report attempted murder.

BlueCurious · 05/11/2018 23:12

@Pinkyyy.. 'It's obvious' - Ah so can't actually back your point up.. Trying to stir the pot more like.

Pinkyyy · 05/11/2018 23:16

BlueCurious No, not at all. But I have no interest trying to make a point when there are people saying such ridiculous things. They're quite clearly argumentative, childish sisters.

Jux · 05/11/2018 23:33

Pinkyyy, let me get this right. The sister comes in a bad mood and picks a fight with everyone she finds there, and this makes it obvious that the op is childish?

I don't quite get the logic.

BITCAT · 05/11/2018 23:34

Pinkyyy, this i way more than sisters arguing. Ive argued with my sisters and i have 5 of them but i have never physically assaulted them. I think the OP is justified in not wanting her sister near her.
Her sister is the one at fault here not the OP. What exactly did OP do wrong?

JeanPagett · 05/11/2018 23:35

I'm sorry your going through this OP.

Unfortunately it's not your house so it's not up to you to "make" your sister move out. All you an do is express your view to your parents and stay with a friend if it proves necessary.

For the record under English law there is no offence of (attempted) murder of an unborn child.

AwakeNow · 06/11/2018 00:44

Hmm, I think you're right Jean. I was caught up in my outrage over somebody doing that to OP.

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