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The Secret

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mrtumblesmistress1 · 05/11/2018 19:31

Posting here for traffic.

Currently reading the Secret after a friend recommended it.

Has anyone here read it and lives by the rules? I'm just unsure about the law of attraction!

OP posts:
HildaZelda · 05/11/2018 19:37

I read it and tried it, thought I had nothing to lose. Waste of time. Nothing (that I 'put out there and asked the universe for') happened.

TeddybearBaby · 05/11/2018 19:46

I preferred the dvd. I believe in it but I struggle to stay in the frequency. Makes you feel good though!

chaoscategorised · 05/11/2018 19:50

Personally I think it's a load of bollocks - but my friend said that just thinking in a more positive mindset helped her feel more productive overall. She didn't believe in it being some cosmic way to get the universe on her side, but she liked the message of expecting good things and acting accordingly (which I guess is the whole 'magic' really!)

itsbritneybiatches · 05/11/2018 19:53

I read it and just decided to think positively and imagine the things I wanted, I would get.

I then aced a job interview, life going great.

I need to read it again I'm on a bit of a downer at the moment for no reason.

If anything just to get me thinking more positively.

donquixotedelamancha · 05/11/2018 20:00

I'm just unsure about the law of attraction!

You are unsure that magic wishing for things really hard will just make them happen? What's wrong with you OP?

Don't you know that the current famine in Yemen is because the people there really don't want food enough? If the universe was a bit more convinced they meant it, the war would stop.

Seriously, OP- go read something that will expand your horizons, not rot your brain.

dementedmummy · 05/11/2018 21:57

The principles work although I believe I has more to do with having a positive attitude rather than vibes as such. A positive attitude means you are less likely to be dragged don by something bad happening than if you are always a pessimist.

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