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AIBU to complain about this bonfire

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hxckedoffs · 05/11/2018 17:01

Need some wisdom and advice quickly

Need to know if I'm being precious

Directly behind my house is a pub. The pub garden backs onto my small back garden. A small shed my side and a humungous sycamore tree their side separates us.

They have just lit a bonfire right under their sycamore tree, very very close to the border line between their garden and ours. It's getting steadily very very tall. I imagine we shall get some fireworks later too

Now my concern is, from their sycamore tree, my back garden is absolutely smothered in about a million dead dry leaves.

Should I be worried? Am I being precious??? Feeling quite concerned

OP posts:
PathOfLeastResitance · 05/11/2018 17:04

Hose everything down on your side? Make it so soggy it won’t catch fire?

hxckedoffs · 05/11/2018 17:06

Yep... they have just started letting off fireworks too. Don't really want to go out in the garden now

OP posts:
GerdaLovesLiIi · 05/11/2018 17:07

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GerdaLovesLiIi · 05/11/2018 17:08

Gah! wrong thread.

SneakyGremlins · 05/11/2018 17:12

Grin I was very confused!

OP, I'd keep an eye on it but hopefully they'll control it.

GerdaLovesLiIi · 05/11/2018 18:45


GerdaLovesLiIi · 05/11/2018 18:51

I was going to say that the fire brigade weren't even faintly interested when my idiot neighbour lit an actual barbecue in the actual road so close to my parked car that I wouldn't have been able to open the boot if I'd wanted to.

Even though it was clearly illegal and dangerous. They didn't want to deal with the gang of young men lounging around it.

I hope it all stays under control in your part of the world.

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