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To hope this pain will go by itself?

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constantpaindrivesyoumad · 05/11/2018 12:23

Have ongoing pelvic pain with a diagnosis of PCOS and endometriosis and atonic bladder, plus some sort of nerve damage due to having had years of pain. Currently having weekly physio (myofascial release) on pelvic floor as all muscles are in spasm.

Have had (over 3 years) - mirena coil, triptorelin, utovlan, mini pill, combined pill, lidocaine patches, naproxen, nortriptiline, duloxetine, and diazepam... plus varying doses of opiates.

I’m incredibly sore today.. I’ve taken cocodamol, ibuprofen and buscopan and still stuck in bed pretty much - it’s pain I’ve had before, been admitted countless times for scans and monitoring and morphine then sent home again.

I’m wary of phoning GP surgery in case they want me reviewed again at hospital, there’s never anything new said at hospital - just chronic pain disorder,

WIBU to jut wait it out this time ? I haven’t got anything planned today so in theory could just try sleep It off.

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