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AIBU? think this is the worst pain ever + help greatly appreciated!

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Tutulafromage · 05/11/2018 07:53


I have
-given birth ( stitches)
-had impacted wisdom teeth
-had broken bones
-had gallbladder pain resulting in it being removed
-had pancreatitis due to a reaction to steroids

  • had a burst appendix
  • had a huge infected tennis ball sized abscess in my arm resulting in it being removed and the wound packed daily for 9 weeks

Plus I have crohns ( been in remission for years but had to have major surgery and had years of pain) ......

BUT I am currently experiencing the worst pain....courtesy of an ear painful, can’t eat, can’t sleep, I have gone deaf and am so dizzy! Plus I have a 3 month old baby which makes all this extra fun!
Have been to the Dr who has given me ear drops...this was nearly a week ago and they don’t seem to have made a huge difference!

Any advice/ tips for me....
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JellycatElfie · 05/11/2018 07:55

Get back to the drs and ask for oral antibiotics. Do you have a temperature? Can you ask the dr for tablets to help with the dizziness too?
The strongest pain relief you can get over the counter is probably co codomol. Do you have any of that?

easyandy101 · 05/11/2018 08:04

If the infection is dealt with but you still feel like you've got a lot of pressure in there then try slightly warmed olive oil

Chemists sell a sterile one but I've done it before with kitchen stuff

It loosens wax and can release pressure

It's a maddening kind of pain for sure

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