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To tell my parents to spend it.

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Bestseller · 04/11/2018 19:49

My parents (Dad really) seem to be always talking about inheritance tax these days. They have fairly ordinary detached house in the SE and some investments that are their source of retirement income. I have no idea what the "estate" would be worth but can only guess it is substantial, in view of the concern over IHT.

I don't care. I just wish they'd spend it. They did their bit for me when they made sure I was educated and able to earn my own living. In my ideal world it would be gone by the time they pass so their affairs are straightforward.

If there is money over the IHT threshold, then TBH, I feel like it would be only right that some tax is paid on it.

OP posts:
bridgetreilly · 04/11/2018 20:05

Tell them to talk to a financial advisor about it, not you.

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