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To question Ayurveda?

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partypooper14 · 04/11/2018 14:12

An acquaintance of mine at work is sharing her thoughts online about the health of the parents at the time of conception. The basis of the arguments - and I'm really simplifying it - is the health of the parents at conception = best health of the baby including birth defects.

My first born was conceived at a very stressful time. I was unfit, obese, stressed. In fact I was almost certain we couldn't conceive so I was pretty miserable.
He is incredible healthy. Touch wood we have had no major issues other than what you'd expect of young children. Coughs, odd rash. Chest infection etc.
On the flip side my second child was conceived when I was much happier. I had just lost a stone and a half (although still overweight!) was feeling pretty good and happy in life. He has had a multitude of issues since birth, allergies, kidney, blood and some physical problems in development.

So essentially my gut reaction was to be irritated just because my own experience is the opposite of the theory she's describing.

When I googled is Ayurveda based on science I didn't actually find a straight answer (yet ).

So I'm genuinely interested to know if it's legit. Can anyone share their experiences? Is there a good place I could find some info to read?... aibu to question it or could it help us with my sons health going forward?

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