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To wonder if my bulimic friend will ever get better?

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Growingboys · 03/11/2018 21:29

My friend is 29 and has been bulimic for about 14 years. She's been so ill she's had many inpatient stays and loads of treatment from psychiatrists etc.

Her last inpatient stay was two years ago. Since then she seems a lot better (she's a normal weight, very clever, good career etc, you'd NEVER know anything was wrong). But she told me she was having a dip recently and then puked blood at work yesterday, after a night on the tiles.

She went to A*E and was told she had a rupture of stomach lining - I assume as a result of years of puking.

But I feel very worried about her as I feel she ought to be a bit better by now. She's had access to the very best London doctors, for what's that worth (maybe nothing?) as she has work health insurance. But she said even her docs are saying she should be doing better than she is.

Will she ever get better? I love her and want her to mend and be happy.

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