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To not buy xmas pressies for nieces?

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Mybackhurts1 · 02/11/2018 22:37

Will try and keep this short. I have one sibling and we have never really been close. Bottom line is she is very mean and tight with money. Through the years she has either missed birthday and xmas for my kids or has sent the most cheapest present possible (think second hand or charity shop items). One year my dd got a small elastic bracelet that was probably 20p from charity shop. Another she got a tube of smarties that was out of date and obviously beyond edible that I am convinced was the same tube I had sent as part of a larger selection to her child the year before. There is also a thing where she made it clear her cut off age was 16 and she would not buy presents for my children after that age, but as her dd is now 17 suddenly she is saying the cut off is 18. I have tried hard to ignore this over the years even though it has annoyed me. It’s not her children’s fault and I’ve sent money in a card for birthdays and presents generally of a value £20 for Christmas. This year my mum came round on my son’s birthday and there was a card and present supposedly from my sister but it was obvious my mum had bought it and written the card. I asked her, she admitted it was her handwriting on the card. So my mum must see this and feel embarrassed surely - to have bought something on her behalf?
I’ve just had enough basically. WIBU to say that’s it - if you can’t buy my children presents then I will stop sending your kids presents. It’s as if more thought goes into how little she can spend - every single thing she has ever sent has ended up in the bin because it is genuinely trash. Cheap plastic secondhand tat (many things have been broken or had pieces missing).
And to make it clear this is not about “she can’t afford it” or that I expect lots of money spent - it’s the absolute lack of care or thought. She is a Scrooge who loves to count her money more than she cares about family. I’ve got to the point where I don’t want to send her kids anything. WWYD?

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PodgeBod · 02/11/2018 22:38

I'm surprised you've kept it up this long to be honest.

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