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My husband has just asked me what rinse aid is

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Jozimummy · 02/11/2018 22:06

We are both 48 and have been married for 19 years. My husband cleared away supper tonight, which is unusual, and was flummoxed when the dishwasher flashed up that it needed rinse aid. He had absolutely no idea what it meant.
On the one hand I feel unbelievably angry and on the other I feel a complete failure as a feminist. What should I feel?

OP posts:

Worriedmummybekind · 02/11/2018 22:19

I’ve had a dishwasher my whole adult life....I haven’t ever used it. Pretty sure that’s what all the 3in1,5in1 etc is about. One of the parts is rinse aid... or am I missing some adult secret knowledge that no one has passed down to me (entirely possible!)?


Hedgehogblues · 02/11/2018 22:20

Also not sure why your partner not knowing something makes you a failure as a feminist


Jozimummy · 02/11/2018 22:23

I feel much better. All these years I’ve felt I’m useless at most things but now I know that at least I understand what the little flower symbol on the dishwasher means! More importantly, I’ve learned that I can also completely ignore it - although we do live in a vvv hard water area

OP posts:

MuddlingMackem · 02/11/2018 22:24

Our old dishwasher didn't use rinse-aid, didn't require it. The new one we had to buy to replace that one when it broke does use it.


BehemothPullsThePeasantsPlough · 02/11/2018 22:24

This has prompted me to have a Very Important Conversation with my DH. He was not aware that we possessed such a thing, but if asked by the machine claims that he would be able to find it in the kitchen, and would probably look for it next to the tablets, which he actually has used once or twice.

I’ll be handing my “this is what a feminist looks like” T-shirt in at the door.


Bacardibabe · 02/11/2018 22:24

I have a dishwasher and he does quite a good job! Sometimes has lemonade...


HannahnotAgnes · 02/11/2018 22:24

I'm female & not entirely sure what it us either as have had dishwashers for over 20 years & never used it.


boohooyo · 02/11/2018 22:25

I know what it is but have no idea where it goes. My dh gets excited when the dishwasher needs salt 


Lweji · 02/11/2018 22:26

Tell him it aids the rinse part. Wink

If anyone is a failure it's him. Smile

Not that knowing what a rinse aid is that important. Just as long as he knows where the plates go and where to put the tablet and which programme to use, it's fine.

I've only recently found out after several years that my dish washer has a button for when I use a tablet!!!


ShesABelter · 02/11/2018 22:26

I have absolutely no idea what rinse aid is. But I despise dishwashers and have never owned one..I think it's proof he's not doing the dishwasher enough and has nominated himself to do it every night now. I mean how will he cope if you decide to run away?


Barbie222 · 02/11/2018 22:27

Use rinse aid folks!! Your glasses look rubbish and dusty without it.


IncomingCannonFire · 02/11/2018 22:27

I occasionally put rinse aid in if I've a heavily encrusted item in, but otherwise the 3in1 powerball job already does that.


SinisterBumFacedCat · 02/11/2018 22:28

I've no idea what a rinse aid is. I clicked on thread half hoping it was a reference to some weird sexual thing!


ApolloandDaphne · 02/11/2018 22:29

My wine glasses come out sparkly clean without rinse aid.


Sethis · 02/11/2018 22:31

"To the uninitiated, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"

I put stuff in the dishwasher.

I press buttons.

Stuff happens.

Dishes are clean.


My question is whether he'd be equally exasperated at you for not knowing where the oil filter in your car is, despite driving one for 20+ years...


Aintnothingbutaheartache · 02/11/2018 22:32

ShesaBelter you.........have............never............owned...............a.......dishwasher?


TheWormThatTurned · 02/11/2018 22:33

I just asked my 54 year old husband if he knew what rinse aid was.
Nope! No idea Hmm


MrsStrowman · 02/11/2018 22:33

I don't use rinse aid, where does it go? My dishwasher has a bit for salt and a bit for the tablet, also no rinse aid light or indicator, my glasses are fine unless I use finish power ball tabs, they took the pattern off some nice mugs too...


ileclerc · 02/11/2018 22:35

Husband's job to deal with it here, but the clue's in the name isn't it?!?


Cleanermaidcook · 02/11/2018 22:36

No idea what rinse aid is - I've also never owned a dishwasher


3WildOnes · 02/11/2018 22:37

If you live in a hard water area you need rinse aid, otherwise everything looks cloudy. I thinks it’s ok to forgo if you live in a soft water area


MsSquiz · 02/11/2018 22:37

My DH knows what it is but I don't think he knows where it's kept... but that's usually because I fill it and he empties it. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Hedgehogblues · 02/11/2018 22:38

ShesaBelter you.........have............never............owned...............a.......dishwasher?

Is this unusual? most of the people I know don't own dishwashers


PoohBearsHole · 02/11/2018 22:38

if you have those combi tablets ignore the fucker 😂 so i was told by a fancy manufacturer of said devices 😁


LizzieBennettDarcy · 02/11/2018 22:40

We've got 5 buttons on our dishwasher. Normal, Eco, Rinse, Quick, and Start. Everytime DH puts it on, he puts the Eco button on and for some reason (thanks Bosch) you can't reset it so it takes about 15 fecking hours to wash. Eco my arse. On Christmas Day he's not allowed near it for fear of my murdering him.

The thought of him filling the rinse aid reservoir or salt reservoir fills me with utter terror.............

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