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Aibu driving instructor booked test but has no space for lessons

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Happysaurus · 02/11/2018 18:24

Hi, I’ve not posted before but I’m feeling pretty mad and just wanted to know if it’s justified.
I’ve had 30 hours of driving lessons and failed my first test spectacularly because I was really nervous. This was 2 weeks ago. Driving instructor then goes on holiday for a week and says it’s probably best to have a weekly lesson up until my next test at the beginning of December.
Paid him for the test and a 2 hour lesson this week for him to tell me he has no space at all in November and only has 3 hours available on the day before test day.
Aibu thinking this is pretty stupid. He booked the test and recommended weekly lessons, and now I’m stuck trying to find someone to take me weekly for 3-4 weeks which most likely won’t happen.
I’m really frustrated because I’ve recommended him and I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t have now!

OP posts:
Ellalovescake · 02/11/2018 21:54

YANBU, this is the last thing you need before your test! Do you have any friends/family that would let you practice in their car in the lead up to your test? I hope all goes well for you!

Stefoscope · 02/11/2018 23:58

Do you not pay for blocks of lessons at a time? I used to pay for 10 hours at once and get a small discount. My instructor refunded any unused hours once I passed, but it helped to book his availability ifyswim. Technically if you just paid for the test and a 2 hour lesson, he can accommodate what you've already paid him for so he is not being unreasonable. I can see why it's less than ideal, but I expect driving instructors get a lot of people mess them about saying they will take weekly lessons then not bother (often at too short notice to re-book) , so I would expect to give them the money in order to guarantee weekly lessons. Can you rebook the test for early next year and pay him the money in advance for the hours he thinks you need?

Happysaurus · 03/11/2018 09:31

Hi, no nobody at all that can give me any time in a car, I block booked for the first 30 hours but he assured me he had space and recommended weekly lessons for after the test. I only needed 6-8 hours and his lowest you can block book is 10.
I’m just rather confused by it all because I’m not finding him particularly helpful, all he’s said is I can phone his new company and see if someone else can take me on instead but that doesn’t seem like much use either as I’m used to his car and still expected to take the test with him

OP posts:
Skylucy · 03/11/2018 09:35

That sounds irresponsible on his part, and stressful for you. I'd cancel the test, or at least postpone it. If you're keen to have a go at the test, have a ring around other instructors in the area, explain the situation and your needs, and see if anyone else could take you on for regular lessons over the next month.

Happysaurus · 03/11/2018 09:59

Thanks skylucy, that’s what I’ll be doing today and Monday. Would rather not postpone as my aim was to pass this year and first test took longer than I had hoped anyway. Hopefully someone can fit me in :)

OP posts:
DonkeysDontRideBicycles · 03/11/2018 10:05

Why did he book another test so soon if he's spread himself so thinly he's not available for lessons?
Maybe not what you want to hear but I would wait to take the 2nd test so you can practise more in the meantime.

Happysaurus · 03/11/2018 10:11

I’ve no idea, initially he said it would be about 4 weeks wait but that then became December. I will have to move it if I can’t get any other lessons in the meantime, I’m just hoping someone will be able to squeeze me in

OP posts:
AlexaC · 03/11/2018 10:16

I hope someone else can fit you in. I passed my test on my 3rd attempt and changed instructor for the last one as we moved house. I actually found it helpful to have a different instructor to get a different approach to things and he gave me different tips than my previous instructor had. Good luck OP!

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