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Bestseller · 02/11/2018 08:41

I hate this. I'm in such a lot of pain although I suspect there's nothing to be done except rest.

Running last night pulled up with severe foot pain and had to hobble home. Iced well when I got home.

This morning I can't put any weight at all on it. Ridiculously painful down the outside edge of my foot. I'm literally restricted to all fours or bum shuffling (embarrassing how you don't notice the state of your carpets from two feet!)

So I feel like I should get a diagnosis and suspect a stress fracture or various tendon issues,so I need an xray (which doesn't always show a stress fracture but it's a starting point). No minor injuries here so the only way to get an xray is A&E. Would that be unreasonable?

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Feefeetrixabelle · 02/11/2018 08:42

Not at all. It’s a recent addident and injury so as long as there isn’t a minor injuries unit with x Ray then your headed to the right place.

AnotherOriginalUsername · 02/11/2018 08:44

Get a lift to GP. They will be able to refer you for an x-ray if indicated rather than going via A&E

notasnowploughoratiger · 02/11/2018 08:48

Yes it is the right place - or a minor injuries place if you have one.

loubluee · 02/11/2018 08:50

I’d say GP too, they can refer you straight to
X-ray, save a long wait in A&E.

PurpleDaisies · 02/11/2018 08:51

Yes, of course a and e is the right place to go. Confused

Cornettoninja · 02/11/2018 08:52

I agree with gp. Ask for a referral straight to x-ray so you’re not waiting around in A&E (or minor injuries if you have one with an x-ray)

CIT80 · 02/11/2018 08:53

Don’t bother going to the gp they will send you to a and e - go straight there

tinstar · 02/11/2018 08:58

I don't know what it's like in other parts of the country but it would take me up to 2 weeks to get an appointment with my gp. And then they would send me straight to A and E / minor injuries!

Cut out the middle man op. It obviously needs an x Ray

DisaL · 02/11/2018 08:58

I think A&E too as I'm sure GP would just send you there. Whatever it turns out to be, good luck with your recovery. I'm 6 weeks post diagnosis of a stress fracture which happened in July and I kept ignoring thinking it was nothing to worry about! Feels like its healed well now I've finally rested it!

Bestseller · 02/11/2018 08:58

That's my experience CIT80. When I tried to do the right thing and not bother A&E when DS was sent home after an accident in PE. I went to GP, mainly because school had insisted he needed to see "someone" and I didn't want to appear neglectful even though I didn't think there was much wrong. GP agreed with me but still sent us to A&E (and DS was fine)

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