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1500 pounds for an italian campsite tent with no shower is nuts !!

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Radyward · 01/11/2018 17:16

Omg am looking at holidays July 2019. Nearly considered a safari tent in camping lido,lake garda for 11 nights at 1700 euro / 1500 pounds until i realised no kitchrn sink and no shower or loo. Seriouslt hotels on the lake with brekki included are cheaper than this. We need a campsite as my kids love the entertainment and slides. Soo expensive. Anyone think this too ??

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Radyward · 01/11/2018 17:17

Any suggestions with guaranteed sun, slides and entertainment appreciated !!

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redsummershoes · 01/11/2018 17:23

well, you pay for the entertainment and slides... so, I think campsite is still value for money.

MaxTeyon · 01/11/2018 17:23

What about France?

Hedgehoginthefog · 01/11/2018 17:23

Slides as in water slides? So it has a swimming pool but no showers or toilets? But if you mean ordinary slides you could just take them to a park? I am confused.

dottycat123 · 01/11/2018 17:24

When my dc were young we always went to France camping, staying on the big sites with pools and water slides. I used to save several hundred pounds by going directly to the campsites own website and booking. I had to pay in euros and engage in a bit of school girl French in email but managed. Have you looked at doing this?

redsummershoes · 01/11/2018 17:26

no, just the tent hasn't a shower or sink.
but campside has shower blocks, and they are usually great on eurocamp style sites.

EnglishGirlApproximately · 01/11/2018 17:27

Not sure if they have them on Lido but Canvas Holidats Safari tents have bathrooms, tend to be a bit cheaper than Eurocamp too.

MatildaTheCat · 01/11/2018 17:51

We had a great holiday on Garda but stayed in a mobile home so had better facilities than a tent. How much extra is the mobile home?

It isn't cheap but much more fun than a hotel.

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