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AIBU to want to get some changes at work

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claracluck78 · 30/10/2018 18:57

Hi everyone

Can't be bothered to name change but hope no one recognises me.

Not going to drip feed so this may take a bit of a back story.

I work for a small company (think sort of like retail but not quite but def a profession). We've been established for a decade but the four of us who work there more than P/T have known each other for almost 20 years.

My role is very much the public face and I'm ok with that and like that locally I think I'm quite respected for what we all do.

About a year ago we started changing tack slightly with how we worked as we had got so much busier so took on someone to help as almost a trainee. Within 2 months two of our part timers had quit because they didn't get on with him and he's had a row with one of our senior partners.

Slowly, over the course of the past year he's clearly had a few conflicts of interest that have been brushed under the carpet and I have really tried to put all that to one side.

But, in the past month or so he's clearly trying to take on MY job! I'm clearly not happy and he has taken to starting to undermine me in front of staff and clients and is trying to also run a sideline which is a continual conflict.

For the past year I have been one of only two people who defended him but today I snapped. Properly as the constant digs about me not doing the right thing or trying to change our (very well established) methods. Tomorrow I need to go in and speak to others about my issues but I don't want it to look as if I am just jumping on the bandwagon of finding faults with him. He's supposed to be helping me out but spends longer doing the (small) part of my job he does than I did to do all my current role and that part in past!

I'm at my wits end - my DP just says 'I told you he was weird' so is no help but what can I do tomorrow that is maybe constructive but also needs me to reaffirm my position.

So, MN AIBU to ask if I should complain about him or try to help him ? (BTW this really isn't a case of me not liking any friendly competition - it's that I don't like being unprofessionally undermined

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BackforGood · 31/10/2018 00:54

I'm surprised if 4 of you were so well established and had such a long working relationship, that 2 of them have gone rather than the new person. Difficult to understand why someone wasn't employed under a period of probation, and why it wasn't explained in the very early days that you had all been working alongside each other for a very long time very happily, and that, whereas you were all willing to listen to new ideas and to how better ways of working might benefit the business, but one really big part of your success to date was that you all got on and spoke to each other professionally treated each other with respect.
If the Manager has just allowed two good team members to leave in such a short space of time, just because of the one newcomer, then I don't really hold much hope of them supporting you.
However, I would still try to have that conversation, as there is no point in trying to carry on whilst the new person is causing so much upset.

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SwizzelsFizzers · 31/10/2018 00:56

but def a profession

is he also registered with the professional body? As a trainee surely he would have to had qualified and been accredited?

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