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AIBU To miss swimming tonight

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BathshebaKnickerStickers · 30/10/2018 17:22

I take adult swimming lessons once a week.

In almost exactly a year i’ve gone from not being able to swim a stroke to being able to do 850m in a 45 minutes skills and drills session.

Swimming has been off for the last 2 weeks because of the school hols.

I usually go to brownies (I’m a unit helper) before swimming (swimming starts at 20.15), but brownies isn’t on tonight.

I just can’t be bothered swimming tonight. No Brownies, day 1 of a very heavy period, stand in teacher (normal one back next week), and the final of Bake Off....

AIBU to miss swimming tonight..?

OP posts:
Grumpbum123 · 30/10/2018 17:23

Miss it

lewk · 30/10/2018 17:25

I'd miss it too in those circumstances but would make sure I definitely go next week - enjoy a night in!

simonisnotme · 30/10/2018 17:26

miss it, its good to change the routine occasionally

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