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To ask you to help me with my sourdough starter?

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FizzyWizzyFlash · 30/10/2018 09:13

It's 2.5 days old and it smells very strongly of sour milk and needs feeding 2 times a day but I think today it might need feeding 3 times.

The bubbles are huge. I thought it was supposed to rise once each day? And not be so active.

The starter was made up using rye flour and water. 1 cup rye and 1 cup water. During feeds I throw away half and feed it 1 cup rye and 1 cup water.

The first night it was left in the boiler room which is cold and there wasn't much action, however, by Monday it began to show signs of life. I fed it on Monday morning and moved it to a warmer room which was above room temp. (Our house is either really cold or really warm, no middle ground, we are having trouble with the heating) And then by that evening it had blown up. Last night I moved it to a cupboard that was warm but again when I fed it this morning it had blown up with huge bubbles. And as I was feeding it, it was beginning to bubble.

I feel like it's lost control.

On Monday there was a lovely yeast smell but it smells really sour now.

Any ideas? Am I on the right path or should it not smell this bad?

I know it's sourdough so should smell sour but this is nose curling sour.

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