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Fresh basil plant and cats piss

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itsbritneybiatches · 30/10/2018 08:02

I've just bought a fresh basil plant and I've put it in my kitchen.

I've woken up this morning and
Came downstairs and my whole downstairs smells like cats piss.

Litter was changed yesterday. Early as it was my immediate thought, when I opened the litter it didn't smell but I changed it anyway.

It's definitely not the cats they have never
Gone anywhere except outside and in the litter tray.

I then got nearer the plant and it was the basil! It stinks.

Does anyone else think basil smells like this or AIBU to think fresh basil smells
Like cats piss.

OP posts:
EspressoButler · 30/10/2018 08:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

abbsisspartacus · 30/10/2018 08:05

It does a bit as does mango and orange squash

I once called out the repair man as I could smell burning wires in my daughters room checked the electrics couldn't find a thing wrong turned out it was the crass she was growing on the window

abbsisspartacus · 30/10/2018 08:05


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