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To ask for a phased return to work?

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crackerslikejacobs · 29/10/2018 18:45

I've been signed off for two weeks with suspected HG. Still feel totally rotten and really struggling but I've agreed to go back to work tomorrow because

  1. I am going out of my mind at home, feel very lonely
  2. I'm worried no one believes me and they're all thinking I'm taking advantage of being pregnant (I wish!)
  3. my manager keeps texting/phoning me everyday with work questions

    Would it be fair for me to ask for a phased return? I.e part time or shorter days? Just because it's totally exhausting being sick this much and I don't know how Ill cope being full time with an hour commute each way!
OP posts:
Notacluewhatthisis · 29/10/2018 18:49

Will that impact any mat pay?

crackerslikejacobs · 29/10/2018 18:50

@Notacluewhatthisis that's a great point. I don't think so, I'm salary and NHS so our mat pay is calculated through that. I guess my best option is to chat with HR tomorrow xx

OP posts:
ny20005 · 29/10/2018 18:51

Depends on your work. In mine, you have to be off long term sick to qualify for phased return - 2 weeks wouldn't qualify

Sazquatch · 29/10/2018 18:53

At my work you’d only be entitled to a phased return if you’ve been off long term, 12 weeks I think.

Dungeondragon15 · 29/10/2018 18:55

I think that it is usually only phased for long term sickness. I would ask to use annual leave perhaps to shorten your days? At least no one will think you are taking advantage then. I sympathise though as it is difficult when you are very sick during pregnancy. Not everyone understands, particularly those who weren't sick themselves.

Wifeofapostie · 29/10/2018 19:39

If you work for the NHS then ask your manager to refer you to Occupational Health, they can support you with phases return or reduced hours. You would be unreasonable to go back to work sooner than you are ready and able to. It doesn't matter if anyone believes you or not. Your GP has signed you off as not fit for work. Also, your manager knows very well that they can't bother you daily while you are signed off, so ask them not to.

JohnCRaven · 29/10/2018 20:28

I was signed off for 20 weeks with HG so YANBU to want to take it easy when you return to work. You might need even more time off.

crackerslikejacobs · 30/10/2018 07:33

Started to drive in this morning and I've been sick all over my car (sorry that's gross).

I think I'm going to have to agree to another doctors note I can't handle this 😰

OP posts:
IsTheRainEverComingBack · 30/10/2018 07:39

You can’t be in work being sick, whatever the reason. It sounds like you need signing off so just accept that (kindly) take the time to relax.

FusionChefGeoff · 30/10/2018 07:58

Don't take annual leave! If you're unable to work due to illness then take sick leave.

Maybe arrange a call with OH to see what they suggest but definitely be realistic about what you can manage.

Also, make sure you push your GP to get you on the right meds as that can make a huge difference to how you can cope.

EnglishRose13 · 30/10/2018 08:16

I was off for 7 weeks with HG. I remember the lonely feeling well. Also felt like they thought I was exaggerating.

No advice, just letting you know you aren't alone. There's a good support group on Facebook. I still regularly talk to a group of women I met in that group and our children are 2 and a half now!

puzzledlady · 30/10/2018 08:19

How bad is the HG? Mine was bad to a point the tablets I was on made me very very sleepy so I was out of it for most of 6/7 months. I had a phased return after. If it’s as bad as mine - don’t go in.

MeredithGrey1 · 30/10/2018 08:34

If you go to the doctors for a fit note, there are options on there such as phased return to work and altered hours. So you could ask the doctor to give you a fit note for two weeks that states you are fit to work, with altered hours. If your job can’t accomodate the altered hours, then the fit note says you’re unfit to work.
It does sound like you might need to just be off completely for a bit longer though.

AmIRightOrAMeringue · 30/10/2018 08:38

I'd speak to your doctor - don't they do a fit note or something (sorry if that's not the right term) to say what you are able to do, rather than just sign you off. Then it's not your work policy. For instance working 10 - 3 instead of 9 - 5 so shorter days and miss the commute. They should be wanting to work with you on this as otherwise you'll just be off

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