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Aibu to throw the table away

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anitagreen · 28/10/2018 16:04

Someone help me before I explode the dining table chairs have fallen apart so I've thrown them away so it's safer for the children as they kept falling apart.
Now I'm stuck with the table and it's just being a cunt every time I look at it, and my dh doesn't want to part with it until we get another one.. but why am I keeping a table NO ONE can sit at. ITS JUST THERE being an eyesore. I feel sorry for it. It's upsetting me and just pissing me off wibu to just throw it out when he's out until we get a new one?.

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anitagreen · 28/10/2018 16:05

Sorry to be so ranty I've just had enough of this table

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OwlinaTree · 28/10/2018 16:06

Can you buy new chairs?

TheQueef · 28/10/2018 16:06

I can feel a bonfire coming on.

Oysterbabe · 28/10/2018 16:07

Where will you dump the post, school bags and all manner of shite that gathers on tables?

YoureAllABunchOfBastards · 28/10/2018 16:08

Tables are cunts, aren't they?

anitagreen · 28/10/2018 16:08

@OwlinaTree I've asked about this he said no we will get a new set but when?

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JaiNotJay · 28/10/2018 16:09

Give it to charity if you really don't want it, someone will be grateful for it. Charities are usually able to collect furniture, try the British Heart Foundation.

anitagreen · 28/10/2018 16:10

@TheQueef exactly November is the perfect time for it! And @Oysterbabe they seem to get dumped by the front door, I've actually got some lovely flower vase things on the table but I can move these elsewhere. We don't need this bloody table as it's now being used to hold the washing 😞

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Sinead100 · 28/10/2018 16:11

Now I'm stuck with the table and it's just being a cunt

PMSL GrinGrinGrin

Wolfiefan · 28/10/2018 16:13

I have four chairs you can have until you can replace the whole set. Or can anyone lend you any? Where are you eating? I can manage toast or pizza in front of the TV but couldn’t manage a Christmas dinner!

MothertotheLordsofmisrule · 28/10/2018 16:14

Yeah I don’t get your dh’s logic, if it’s going to go anyway and it currently can’t be used as a table. Then just get rid.
Unless he wants to source some free sturdy chairs to be able to use it.

toomuchfaster · 28/10/2018 16:17

I have a table and 6 chairs you can have! PM me if interested.

TSSDNCOP · 28/10/2018 16:27

Oh no, don’t by the wanker new or adopted chairs. Then you’ll be stuck with the cunt even longer.

The original chairs demise were a sign from —John Lewis— the furniture Gods to get up they high street and do the decent thing.

BeautifulPossibilities · 28/10/2018 16:30

What a fabulous post.

I have a wall and a bath that's also being a cunt.

You could easily hit up Facebook marketplace and get something cheap too if that would help. Get rid and have a dance party with the space like Meredith and Christina.

Curious about what it does to make it a cunt?

AllTakenSoRubbishUsername · 28/10/2018 16:30

Haha it's nice to see a post about someone wanting to get rid of their table on here and not their husband for a change!
You can pick up pretty good bargains on Ebay - how about updating things that way for now while you decide on what you really want instead?

AlpacaLypse · 28/10/2018 16:33

Pieces of good solid 'brown furniture' - including dining chairs - are always in the auctions, they make peanuts. Ours were £20 for 8 about five years ago.

WheelyWheelySpookilicousCotee · 28/10/2018 16:34

Sell it on eBay then the money can go to new table set

Or take it to the local skip that's has the up cycle , recycle place attached

anitagreen · 28/10/2018 16:34

@Wolfiefan thanks that's really kind and at this rate in the woods in a tent on my own because I've had enough of the humans in this house 😩 😂

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Wolfiefan · 28/10/2018 16:36

Our local Lions place sells cheap furniture. (Actually maybe I should drop the chairs there. Why haven’t I thought of that! Confused)

anitagreen · 28/10/2018 16:36

@BeautifulPossibilities it's just there, I walk past it and it's like a sad decaying piece of fruit that no one wanted and left to rot, my flowers look sad being near it, I walk past it and sigh that's it still here. Before I used to sit at the table and enjoy my food and sniff the flowers (not at the same time). But now these days it's just not the same. The chairs really have let it down 

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Notso · 28/10/2018 16:37

Don't get make do chairs. We got those 7 years ago!
Not only do I have a cunty old table I have fugly make do chairs flicking me the bird every time I see them.
Little do they know when we move after Christmas they ain't coming.

anitagreen · 28/10/2018 16:39

I think we will have another heated debate again tonight talk later and decide what to do. I've shown him the Argos book, the ikea online bit. I've left tabs open on lovely new sets online I've found. But no we're still stuck with TwattyMcTable.

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Notthecarwashagain · 28/10/2018 16:39

'my flowers look sad being near it'
Actual LOL at this!

I'm sorry your table is such a cunt, but I have loved reading your thread!

Wolfiefan · 28/10/2018 16:39

It’s lovely to suggest just ditching the table and buying a lovely new one with gorgeous chairs. Some people really can’t afford to suddenly do that. Confused

anitagreen · 28/10/2018 16:40

@Notso 😂😂😂😂😂 I know what you mean. I'm at the stage where I can cope with other chairs, but I do want a full set. Why is it always the little things in life that stress us the most?

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