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To be creeped out by this dream

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Sequinsglitter · 26/10/2018 22:16

I don't know why this is still on my mind but i didn't sleep well at all yesterday night. Mostly because of the dreams i had, i usually don't remember my dreams or i forget during the day but this one is so clear. I feel so ridiculous. I dreamt i was looking through my phone, I came across this article about these twins, murderers, very manipulative apparently. It wasn't like i was reading the article, it was like i already knew all about it. I walk into another room and there they are sat on a bed, they don't look exactly the same, the picture i was looking at looked old and very blurry. They never look me in the eyes, turned away slightly. So here i am arguing with them about whether they are or aren't these people. Finally one of them says "okay we are", they get up and walk towards me and then i wake up. I'm still very confused as to why my brain came up with this. I feel silly typing this but I am somewhat worried they're about to pop up from underneath the bed Grin

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AjasLipstick · 26/10/2018 23:24

Ooh spooky!

Were any of these them?

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