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To be fed up about holiday weather

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fermerswife · 26/10/2018 14:52

Off on our first (very expensive half term) family holiday to Spain in 3 years tomorrow. The forecast is a week of rain and I am fed up. Has anyone been to the Costa del Sol with children and have any advice on things to do please?

OP posts:

Delatron · 26/10/2018 16:31

Think it’s pretty normal for end of Oct/beginnning of November. You really have no guarantees of good weather at this time of year.


anniehm · 26/10/2018 16:41

October is stormy in southern Spain unfortunately. Do take things like cards (uno is good) and other indoor activities- the holidaymaker attractions for families are mostly for summer (winter visitors tend to be older people escaping the Northern European winter)


anniehm · 26/10/2018 16:44

Also inland has very different weather, look at localised weather forecasts, you may find that a 30 mile drive means dry!


RTFT · 26/10/2018 16:54

Colleague back from benalmadena this week, it rained every day


Poloshot · 26/10/2018 16:59

It's almost November. Mainland Spain will be milder than here but not necessarily beach weather


cheesefield · 26/10/2018 17:06

There's a water park fairly near, if you're wet anyway the weather won't make much difference!

You could go into Malaga a couple days, loads to do there.


faeriequeen · 26/10/2018 18:51

Malaga is a beautiful city, loads to do there. Also lovely restaurants along the waterfront in benelmadena and not expensive. You'll have a fantastic time.


JurassicGirl · 26/10/2018 19:02

We went to Menorca last week & the forecast was rain all week. It rained overnight twice & a quick 15 minute burst during one day. The rest of time the sun was shining!!

Take a few travel games, puzzle books etc. If self catering take hot choc. Maybe take wetsuits so the kids can still play in the pool in the rain.

Do a little bit of research now about wet weather activities & take raincoats/umbrellas etc & keep your fingers firmly crossed!!

I was so stressed before going & needn't have been!


Bimgy85 · 26/10/2018 19:17

Well did you not do any research on the location beforehand? Costa del sol is not the place to go this time of year. Lanzarote/canaries are the places with really good weather this time of year. And they are often cheaper than the costa del sol.

For eg lanzarote 2 weeks in apartment complex with large pools €500 total


Bimgy85 · 26/10/2018 19:19

Lesson, never go to costa del sol or Spain in general during October-February. Lanzarote/Canary Islands still keep the weather these months


fermerswife · 26/10/2018 19:25

Hersetta hope weather is better than forecast for you too. I have researched car hire and it is reasonable so may do that. For everyone who has made the "how can you be so stupid to expect good weather" comment, to clarify I didn't expect sun bathing but I hoped it would be 18 or so and not wet every day - which according to Google is the usual november. I knew this was a risk I am just gutted it is not looking great.

OP posts:

fermerswife · 26/10/2018 19:27

I did research the canaries, flying direct from near us it was £4k for a half decent hotel and flight days would have meant taking older child out of school at least one day.

OP posts:

gigantus · 26/10/2018 19:42

Op don't let it ruin your holiday. It won't rain the whole time and even when temps are low, being under the Spanish sun it feels hotter than it actually is.

Even if you do get a few showers you'll be unlikely to get days of non stop rain like we have here. So try not to worry and enjoy your first holiday in years! If you get a downpour then open the wine, get out the cards and enjoy the time away from the grind of everyday life!


BrazzleDazzleDay · 26/10/2018 20:43

We have spent roughly 10 weeks a year in marbella for the last 7 years. Have had one rainy day in all that time (that includes winter) despite some dodgy looking forcasts. Warm rains much better than the horrible cold canaries wind.

Have a great time


AlbusPercival · 26/10/2018 20:48

Lovely butterfly place there and indoors

To be fed up about holiday weather

AJPTaylor · 26/10/2018 20:48

Honestly, it might be fine. Friends are on hols in the med having been told that the weather was predicted to be rotten. It's actually been decent


Cambalamb · 26/10/2018 20:51

To be fair, if you want guaranteed sun you are taking a risk booking for end of October/November.


Cambalamb · 26/10/2018 20:52

friends in Menorca right now and they've had a great week(mid 20sC)


FluffyBunnyTails · 26/10/2018 21:20

Definitely look at weather along the coast and inland if it's raining where you are. Estepona was recently flooded for a day whereas where we live (20 mins away), was hazy sunshine. Lots of lovely towns to visit, would avoid Mijas (awful cruelty to donkeys). If trains aren't too expensive then you can get a train to Ronda and have a day there. Train to Madrid is only 2 1/2 hours from Malaga as well. There may be places with indoor pools nearby as well.


SharpLily · 26/10/2018 21:22

Even if you do get a few showers you'll be unlikely to get days of non stop rain like we have here.

Er, usually the opposite I'm afraid. You don't tend to get weeks of drizzle and showers but when it rains it properly comes down and tends to be for a good few days at a time, particularly at this time of year. Made worse by the lack of proper drainage on roads and badly constructed buildings.


lanbro · 26/10/2018 21:26

I wouldn't chance Spain at this time of year, although obviously a bit late now...a couple of years ago we went to Costa del Sol early may, it poured for 9 of our 11 days! We were so sick we booked to go to Majorca 6 weeks later while we were still there! Research what there is to do, maybe hire a car and just make the most of it. For future holidays I would only recommend somewhere further south like the Canaries at this time of year. Fingers crossed for you


CottonSock · 26/10/2018 21:31

I just looked at the forecast as we are going to Portugal and I've been checking every 5 mins. It might be a bit showery at times, but not that bad! Tues looks the worst. If you look at the BBC forecast, some of the rainy days only have a 10% chance of rain across the day. I think you will be fine (except maybe tues)


Tartyflette · 26/10/2018 21:35

I've just returned from Northern Spain (Bilbao) this week and it was pleasantly warm there but at the same time the TV was reporting very heavy rain and flooding in Valencia.
We were in the Algarve just over a week ago and it was hot - 28 to 30+ degrees. I wonder if that area might be a better choice for this time of year next time.
But I do understand your disappointment and hope it won't be as bad as you fear . At least you'll be able to have a few 🍷and (Spanish G and T is very good indeed)


Tartyflette · 26/10/2018 21:36

Lost the gin bottle symbol!


youarenotkiddingme · 26/10/2018 21:59

There is LOADS to do.

The train goes between Malaga and feungirola and is really cheap.

There's a zoo in feungirola and a crocodile park. There's a park in benalmadena which will be fine in rain. Castle in feungirola and also benalmadena port has an aquarium.

Even when it rains out there it tends be be hard and fast but only for short periods of time. The actual breakdown may not be continuous rain all day everyday.

The sea is at its warmest this time of year so no reason why you can't have a wet visit to the beach as long as air temperatures are warm enough.
A rainy swim and then meal on the beachfront would be a great adventure!

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