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Matalan adverts....

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Booie09 · 26/10/2018 14:04

I'm finding it hard to believe that Denise Van Outen and Mark Wight & family wear these clothes...aibu to think they are absolute rubbish.

OP posts:
PiggeryPorcombe · 26/10/2018 14:06

Omg yes. All fake chumminess. As if DvO shops at fricking Matalan Hmm

AllViewsMyOwn · 26/10/2018 14:13

YES. They are so ill fitting and not at all in keeping with what we see these people usually wearing! It is so unbelievable that the whole advert seems fake.

florafawna · 26/10/2018 14:16

Advertising is fakery and flimflam to get you to part with your money. Don't be influenced.

PiggeryPorcombe · 26/10/2018 14:19

Obv I know advertising is fake but it’s believable that Holly W wears the stuff she models for M&S, or Lorraine Kelly that JD Williams gear. DvO wearing Matalan is frankly insulting to the intelligence of the nation Grin

Aprilsinparis · 26/10/2018 17:29

Matalan clothes always look shit on whoever is unlucky enough to be wearing them. Celeb's given the choice would definitely not shop at Matalan.

myusernamewastakenbyme · 07/11/2018 14:51

Ohhh and the latest advert with DVO's daughter at the end is just cringeworthy....

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