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To Feel Lonely on the School Run

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Villanelle123 · 25/10/2018 18:49

I only do it once per week now but it used to be every day and I’m always standing alone because I don’t know any of the other parents.

I’m quite shy and it would now just feel awkward trying to chat to these women when I haven’t ever really in the previous years my children have attended school/nursery.

I’m about to start doing it a lot more and am dreading it. I want to stand in a little group and chatter while we wait and maybe have actual friends there.

Anyone else feel this way?

OP posts:
Easylay · 25/10/2018 18:58

I do, I'd love a mummy friend. Everybody else is standing around in groups laughing, whilst I stand alone. I absolutely dread it and I have to do it five times a week.

Hadjab · 25/10/2018 19:01

You quite literally need to grab the bull by the horns! Go up to a group of mums and say ‘’Morning!’’ It really is that simple, not necessarily easy, but simple.

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