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To not want to look after my friends baby on my day off?

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bignbouncy · 16/06/2007 15:30

I feel like a bit of a ow. I am a childminder and from next week I am cutting my working week down from 5 days to 3 days, as I have family stuff I need to deal with and my house it a pig sty. I have been waiting to go down to my 3 days since January when I gave notice but due to this and that it's only just happened. I am looking forward to sorting out my house and life and If I have her son I will just cuddle him all day and not get anything done. She would drop everything to help me out.
Have I got a point or am I just being truly selfish?

OP posts:

potoftea · 16/06/2007 15:35

Is it just a one off, or an everyweek thing?

I think you should do it if it's an occasional favour, but definetly not if it is every week. You obviously have wanted this 3 day week for a while now, and deserve it. It might make you resentful and damage your friendship otherwise.


DeviousDaffodil · 16/06/2007 15:35

Why would anyone want to look after other peoples kids esp on a day off.


bignbouncy · 16/06/2007 15:41

Just a one off potoftea.
I know she would definately do it for me.

OP posts:

HonoriaGlossop · 16/06/2007 15:44

Well, I can see this from both sides (probably unhelpful but there you go!) If she would do it for you and it's a one off then probably you sort of should say yes; however, you're not being selfish in actually wanting a little bit of time to sort your life out! You've been waiting since JANUARY for this and it's June! Don't beat yourself up about it if you say no. You're allowed to have a life of you're own.


HonoriaGlossop · 16/06/2007 15:45

oops. YOUR own, not you're own.


bignbouncy · 16/06/2007 15:52

I think I would have said yes straight away, had it not been for the fact that it's my first week part time.

OP posts:

lyrabelacqua · 16/06/2007 15:59

Do it for her this once. Make the next week the start of your part-time working. You may need her to do you a favour some time.


potoftea · 16/06/2007 16:24

I think the guilt you will feel will ruin your day if you don't do it!

Do it, and enjoy the fact that you're being a good friend!


edam · 16/06/2007 16:31

I don't think you are being unreasonable to be a bit cross that you've lost your day off... but I think it would be nice to help her out.


dmo · 16/06/2007 16:43

do it
i'm a childminder also and do 5 days a week 7.15 am till 6.15pm every day
but always have kids over all weekend too at moment have my niece and nephew over (age 7 and 9) going to take them to the pictures at 6pm
also have my 13mth old niece alot who has cp is blind and has a bad heart as much as i love her it is hard work as she needs medcines every 3 hrs (10 different sorts)
also my brother and his girlfriend had a baby boy on monday (havent seen him yet cause of work etc) but thats another baby to add to my dutys

be a good friend you will still have a 4 day week with 3 days off


newgirl · 16/06/2007 19:25

do it and say before you do - can you babysit for me next week - i want to get hair cut or whatever - see what she says - make it clear that its a reciprocal thing


agnesnitt · 17/06/2007 22:47

If it's a one off I'd do it and enjoy the cuddles. You've been waiting since January so one more week in the grand scheme of things isn't too much of an issue.

If it is to be a weekly thing, you'll have to tell her, tactfully, that you work days X, Y and Z and can take him then with the rest of your charges if you have a vacancy


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