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To ask about possible intolerance

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Londonlife85 · 25/10/2018 00:40

So since i had my daughter a year ago i've had on and off diarrhea and sometimes constipation. Ive been thinking it couldve been something im eating

So yesterday I went to Costa a bought a hot chocolate (you know they theyre made mostly of milk), and withing a few hours I was cramping and had diarrhea. I dont often drink/eat really milky things as im not that keen in them and they make me mucousy. Does this sound like a possible intolerance or ibs? Should i see my GP?

I know its not an aibu but whenever i post somewhere else i get none or 1/2 replies

OP posts:
Clairenewbie · 25/10/2018 00:42

The adverts on tv always say a change in poo habits consult your doctor, so yes see your doctor.

horsemadgal · 25/10/2018 00:51

Yes see your GP. They may suggest you do a food diary, so you could try that first depending on how bad you feel. I'm funny with milk but ok with skimmed.

Aquamarine1029 · 25/10/2018 01:02

After my children were born, I became intolerant of dairy except for cheese. Milk and ice cream are a nightmare. Your system can definitely change after having babies.

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