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MidiMitch · 24/10/2018 08:44

(Sorry for posting in aibu - but needed the traffic). I have a problem where parts of my body swell up for no reason. Definitely not an allergy (but looks like people do who have peanut allergies).Usually my face (lips, forehead, cheeks, ear) but also my arms, hands and feet sometimes. Since May I have had countless swellings. Yesterday was probably the worst episode. Have steroids from GP but they aren't a quick fix so I still look like a gargoyle (and feeling thoroughly miserable about it). It first started happening 6 years ago after birth of DS. Life was pretty traumatic then as DS was very ill and I'd had a parental bereavement. I saw a consultant who I think presumed it was stress. Then it all went away until May this year when it happens on an almost weekly basis. I am not particularly stressed at the moment so don't think it's that. I have an appt with a Consultant next week but I wondered if anyone else has ever had anything like this.

OP posts:
peachgreen · 24/10/2018 09:30

Oh gosh OP I really feel for you, that sounds horrible. I had something similar where my chin would swell up randomly - it lasted about a year. My granny had the same thing. Never got to the bottom of it but it did eventually go away and I haven't had it for at least a decade now. Hope you find out what it is.

itneverrainsitpours · 24/10/2018 09:50

I have the same thing. The GP isn't too worried just keeps telling me it's either hives or that I have very sensitive skin. I've got really strong anti-histamines I take when I swell up but that's about as much as they will do.
I've spent so long going back and fire to the GP about it, I've just given up now.
Mine is normally my eyes, lips and bottom of my feet. I was getting big swellings on by arms and legs for a while (which they thought were hives) but that has stopped.
Sorry I know that's not very helpful!

MidiMitch · 24/10/2018 10:10

Thanks so much for your replies peachgreen and itnever. Did you find antihistamines helped? Mine definitely don't improve from this so definitely not an allergy. I don't feel unwell at all but it is really difficult as I'm embarrassed to leave the house. Luckily not at work this week so haven't had to face the world looking like this 

OP posts:
itneverrainsitpours · 24/10/2018 10:33

I've noticed the antihistamine stops the swelling from worsening but doesn't make it go away if you see what I mean.

MereDintofPandiculation · 24/10/2018 11:07

My face swelled up one-sidedly to the extent that I couldn't face being seen in public and rang in sick for a few days. Then my boss rang to say I'd been promoted, and my face went back to normal within days. So I assume it was that I was worrying about the promotion, despite being quite unaware at the time that I was.

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