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to want my flaming boiler fixed before monday?

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goldenwings · 16/06/2007 08:32

arrrrrrgggghhh the boilers making strange noises, we have no hot water and noone is willing to help us!

we are in temporary accomodation and for some reason noone is admitting the boiler is their problem. according to records our flat isnt on any list. so cue 3 different numbers and a hacked of dp.

not only that but one person even said that whoever we phone they wont class it as an emergency.

wtf? i have an 8 month old son who needs a bath and washed bottles as well as a pile of washing up and a dp who will be coming home caked in grass.

its saturday morning 8:30am and we may have to wait until 9am monday??????

im more worried about the noise coming from it. its never rattled before.

OP posts:

DelGirl · 16/06/2007 08:35

do you just have a landlord or is there an agent. I don't think you should wait until Monday. Somone should sort it out today for you. Can you get it looked at at least.british gas? Report a smell or something? Then get them to bill the landlord.


DelGirl · 16/06/2007 08:35

and turn it off in the meantime.


DelGirl · 16/06/2007 08:36

as far as washing/bathing etc, you can boil a kettle!


Trinityrhino · 16/06/2007 08:37

so, do you just need a boiler engineer

where are you, dh is one


goldenwings · 16/06/2007 08:42

im in portsmouth. dp has just turned it off as we are concerened about the noise. the last time it happened we ended up waiting two weeks. luckily my son wasnt born.

its rented through council and cant get hold of anyone there until monday. im relieved it is hot and we dont need the heating on.

its an extremley old boiler which needs replacing but do you think thats going to happen? some of the parts for it arent even made anymore apparently!

OP posts:

Trinityrhino · 16/06/2007 08:44

oh sorry
we can't help, we're in scotland


Grooveisintheheart · 16/06/2007 08:47

if its council can you fuind emergency repairs number? state that you are very worried about the safety of the boiler due to its noise, they may be able to send someone out to see if its safe.

if the boiler cant be repaired then the council should replace it


LIZS · 16/06/2007 08:48

They should prioritise you with a baby under 1. Lay it on thick ! If you are in rented then you should have a Gas Safety Inspection certificate issued annually for any gas appliances, can you call whoever did that although it is the landlord/agent who should really arrange it and pay .

As it isn't winter you could manage until Monday though if needs be . Washing will be fine with just cold going in (machine heats it up anyway). Is there an immersion heater on the hot water tank or do you have an electric shower from which you could fill a baby bath/bowl to wash ds.


islandofsodor · 17/06/2007 21:08

I work for a gas company. it would be nigh on impossible to get someone out for a domestic job a the weekend. The only circumstance would be for a very very good regular customer and the engineers would have to be paid at least double rising to triple if nore than so long pay.

Boil a kettle and wait until Monday. I had my boiler pack in over New Year once with a young baby and we couldn;t get parts until the suppliers opened even though I had someone come out to me on New Year's Day.


islandofsodor · 17/06/2007 21:11

And we would only come out if the Landlord called or the tenant payed cash on the day. We've had too many instances of not being paid in tenant/Landlord disputes in the past.


newlifenewname · 17/06/2007 21:14

I'm waiting until Monday too. I have heating but the boiler isn't doing its heating water on demand thing properly.

Just bathed DCs using a bath filled up with kettles. When we were in France and had no heating or hot water for several weeks in November I bathed the children in the sink as it only took a couple of kettles full of water to fill it. After a bit it doesn't feel like such a pisser but still think someone should have looked at your boiler at least.

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