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To avoid a hot shower?

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AnotherCareerThread · 23/10/2018 14:24

Just been out in an ice storm. Currently in taxi home and am possible the coldest I've ever been, jeans soaked though and I'm wet through all my layers. Numb fingers and toes etc.

I can't remember why, but am I right in thinking that jumping straight into a hot shower when I get back to my flat is a bad idea?

I want nothing more than to stand under hot water right now but something is niggling at me about it. Will I explode or something? Like a hot glass under cold water?
Not sure I can cope with warming up slowly.

Sorry for typos, can't feel my fingers!

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AnotherCareerThread · 23/10/2018 14:25

Also, I know this is the shittest AIBU ever but I need to distract myself else ill cry I'm so cold!

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VanGoghsDog · 23/10/2018 14:25

Chillblains is the answer you're looking for.

Start the shower warm and turn it up gradually as you get used to each temperature change.

Jakethekid · 23/10/2018 14:28

Yeah gradually heat the water.

On a side note which country are you in? You have just made me feel all wintery and festive (aside from the he painful freezing to death situation )

AnotherCareerThread · 23/10/2018 14:44


Belarus. It's between Poland and Russia. Really nice country, there's nothing to do but its wonderfully clean and everyone is very friendly, despite the fact that no one speaks English and I don't speak Russian. If you're a Friends fan, then you'll be familiar with Minsk, which is the capital of Belarus.

I'm afraid its not Romantic Wintery right now, though it will be in a few weeks. At the moment its more the horrible wintery you get on a really bad day in Northern England. I had to abandon my bike in the town centre because I couldn't cope with riding back, and I'm normally tough as nails!

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Ohyesiam · 23/10/2018 14:47

And drink some ginger tea op, a few slices of fresh, or some powdered in hot water.
Hope you’re warm soonBrew

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