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Daily clothes routine!

78 replies

LunasPaws · 23/10/2018 07:49

Inspired by another thread. AIBU to be amazed that there's people who stay in their 'normal clothes' all day until bedtime?

What's your daily clothes routine?

I wear work clothes during the week but the moment I'm home I change into either pyjamas or my tatty old joggers comfies. Then sleep naked! I never actually sleep in my pyjamas Blush TBH I thought most people did this!

OP posts:

anniehm · 23/10/2018 13:57

Ps don't own pj's why waste money on clothes to sleep in! I have old leggings and a tee shirt for camping.


florafawna · 23/10/2018 13:58

I work from home.


OpinionCat · 23/10/2018 14:00

Casual clothes for work (laid back office) sometimes keep them on for dinner (depends how comfy the clothes are lol) then straight in pj's/comfy clothes for evening/bedtime.

Will probably go to bed in knickers and a top when I'm not living at my parents house anymore!


Queenofthedrivensnow · 23/10/2018 14:00

Get changed soon as I get home into trackies. Pyjamas are for bed


Bubba1234 · 23/10/2018 14:01

Same as you I can’t sit in the work clothes when I’m home


SunnyScot89 · 23/10/2018 14:03

So.... I take the dog out in the morning so wear "dirty" trousers for that. Then I put on my work clothes. When I get home (but will be going out again later) then I change into casual but nice clothes, then when I am home for the day I put on comfy clothes. At bed time I put on a PJ top. As we have a dog and a toddler I dont want my work clothes getting hairy or wear at the knees from crawling around on the carpet, and my dog walking clothes are too muddy to wear in the house. Far too many sets of clothes on the go at any one time but it works for me and keeps good clothes good for longer.


thecatsthecats · 23/10/2018 14:04

Get dressed into walking clothes or gym clothes if going to gym.
Walk to work (either need to be warmer or more rainproof than workwear).
Change into work clothes.
Change back into walk or gym clothes to go to home/gym.
If gym - shower and into jammies. If not, bra off, maybe stay in those til bedtime.


LunasPaws · 23/10/2018 18:21

Surely whipping the bra off is the first thing many women do Grin I've been know to whip mine off in the car occasionally Blush😅

OP posts:

explodingkitten · 23/10/2018 18:30

My work clothes are comfortable. I only buy comfortable clothes. I stay in them the whole day and then change into PJ's the minute before I go to bed. I tend to wear my dat clothes two days in a row. I don't have a dirty job and they don't smell or look filthy after day 1. For me it would feel like a waste if I'd wash them after just one day. (Note: for me, I totally understand that with different jobs, mess making kids and sweat it might be different).


Lethaldrizzle · 23/10/2018 18:51

I never knew about the whipping off bra thing ! But then mine are too heavy. I prefer it on!


Claudiawinksatmen · 23/10/2018 19:04

I think it depends on your lifestyle. I have to be smart for work but Its not practical to walk the dogs around muddy fields and clean out animals in these, then I don't want to lounge in the sofa in muddy clothes and drop straw around the house, so put on clean comfy clothes when I eventually come in until bedtime.


Babybearsporij · 23/10/2018 19:18

I work evenings, so I'll wear say jeans & jumper in the day time. I'll get changed for work - smart causal, so still fairly comfy, think leggings & tunic type clothes. When I get home in the middle of the night I get changed into my pyjamas for bed straightaway.

On days I don't work or at the weekend, if I'm "in" for the day, evening etc then I'll put my joggers & slouchy tops on with fluffy socks.

When I wore more business like attire and worked M-F 9-5 then I got changed into something more comfortable when I got in.

I don't wear a bra, only a crop top, so there's no whipping my bra off, although I know my mum does.


Girlicorne · 23/10/2018 20:46

I don't get the bra removing, I can't stand the feeling of clothes against my chest without a bra, I wear one day and night :-)
I stay in work clothes til bed but they are not formal clothes then jamas for bed. If I m wearing jeans at the weekend I swap them for jama bottoms early evening if we aren't going out again.


Juanbablo · 23/10/2018 20:49

Get dressed in the morning (have to do school run so get dressed about 7am). Stay in my clothes no matter if I am in or out. Sometimes I get into PJ's when kids go to bed, sometimes I stay in my clothes until I go to bed.


Dontfeellikeaskeleton · 23/10/2018 20:50

I change as soon as I walk through the door.

Minging otherwise


PhilomenaDeathsHeadHawkMoth · 23/10/2018 20:52

I wear my day clothes all day and wear a t-shirt or nothing in bed.


marmitenuts · 23/10/2018 20:55

I work from home so I go from pyjamas to my “office wear” which is a onesie Grin or clean pyjama bottoms and a hoodie, then back into pyjamas that I sleep iin at about 9ish
On days when I have to go out dressed vaguely normal, I change the minute I get back in the house!


Givemeallyourcucumber · 23/10/2018 20:55

Surely it depends on your life style. I don't work so I don't have work clothes or the 'getting home at the end of the day thing'
So I get dressed in the morning. I get undressed before bed!
Kids always get out of school clothes as soon as we get home.
DH gets changed when he gets home straight in to joggers.


Verbena87 · 23/10/2018 20:56

Pjs on for dragging self towards coffee.

Real clothes on after coffee.

Real clothes (usually now crusted in baby-snot/squished banana/other miscellaneous yuck) off to hop in bath with baby about 7ish then feed him in bed.

Pjs back on to get up and bumble about trying to get my shit together once he’s asleep.

Everything off for bed.


HotNatured · 23/10/2018 20:57

Smart, professional but usually quite uncomfortable and restrictive clothes for work, which I cannot wait to tear off as soon as I get through the front door, then straight into comfies, but always nice stuff, not scruffy trackie bottoms with saggy arse and holes in! I still like to look and feel good even when I’m at home, but these clothes have to be super comfortable to lounge about in. In the summer I’d probs put on a vest and pants and swan about in those, winter is cosy ‘loungewear’. Always sleep naked, my body temperature is fucked, I’m ALWAYS too hot, even in the winter I have a fan on / windows open Hmm


BlueJava · 23/10/2018 21:03

Work is really casual (jeans/shorts/tshirts/flipflops/) so I usually wear jeans and a tshirt all day, then change into a t shirt after a shower at night at about 9:30pm. Then potter for a bit then go to bed :)


MakeAHouseAHome · 23/10/2018 21:13

Work clothes at work, shower as soon as I get home (to wash London/the commute off me!) Then loungewear/joggers till bed and pjs.


BertieBotts · 23/10/2018 21:57

I used to stay in the same clothes every day but since skinny jeans came into fashion I almost always change into something looser at home, I hate skinny jeans, they are awful. I like to sit with my legs tucked under me and I ruin the knees too. I also find a lot of cardigans/jumpers to feel quite restrictive and they drive me mental so I change into a lovely baggy hoodie - most of which are ratty and awful, but comfy.

If I wear a bra it is to hide my mount everest nipples thanks breastfeeding so defo that comes off at home too.

I do tend to sleep in pyjamas or a onesie. First thing in the morning leaving my duvet is torture so I have a collection of fluffy socks and slippers and a big warm dressing gown I cocoon myself in before I wake DS1 up.


amandanorgaard · 23/10/2018 22:33

OP I'm the same as you, the instant I'm in and not going out again I shower and put my PJs on with a dressing gown, usually long bottoms and a t shirt as I live with MIL and FIL... I'm always a bit horrified that FIL comes home from work and puts jeans onConfused how can that be comfy?!
I sleep in my PJs though as I love being toasty in bed, I have drawer full so I usually change them every couple of days, not a complete scutter...


Belindabauer · 23/10/2018 22:42

Smart clothes for work. I only change when I go to the gym then shower and put on pjs and my dressing gown. Take everything off for bed and sleep naked.

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