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AIBU thinking it’s all Jo Wiley’s fault?

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AllAboutTheBuppy · 22/10/2018 13:28

So Simon Mayo has announced he’s leaving radio 2.. I’m gutted! No more confessions.

OP posts:
sluj · 22/10/2018 13:31

Shame on the BBC here, I feel for Simon 😣

DanglyBangly · 22/10/2018 13:32

It was an odd thing to do, to bring on a co-presenter like that.

Disfordarkchocolate · 22/10/2018 13:34

No, it's not her fault. I'm not a fan but I don't think the BBC have treated either of them well.

ScouseQueen · 22/10/2018 13:34

Oh come on now. I am not a fan of Jo Whiley, as I've said on another thread about this, but she's also suffered from the BBC's stupid decision to mash two shows with very different styles together. Simon Mayo has obviously decided he prefers writing for a living now. If it's anyone's fault it's management.

DonkeysDontRideBicycles · 22/10/2018 13:35

Who will replace them at Drivetime?

DollyPomPoms · 22/10/2018 13:35

No, it is a absolutely not her fault.

wink1970 · 22/10/2018 13:37

Much as I disliked the addition of Jo to Simon'[s show (I turned off after trying it twice) it's clear he has wanted to write full-time for a while. Maybe she was meant to be 'eased in' by him and then he left anyway?

Alternatively, he was presented with ' you must have a co-presenter, choose one' and he chose her in the face of no real choice at all. His tweets suggest this, I think.

Peridot1 · 22/10/2018 13:43

It was Radio 2 management’s fault. Nobody else’s. Jo is perfectly fine and a good presenter in the right slot. That slot was not Drivetime. I hated it at first but it’s ok now. It’s just odd having two presenters - it feels stilted.

Spankyoumuchly · 22/10/2018 13:44

I think this is what they wanted all along, Jo to have the show to herself .

GreenFingersWouldBeHandy · 22/10/2018 13:56

She hasn't; she's been moved to 7pm-9pm.

Gutted. Will miss confessions. I felt really bad when they shunted Matt out and shoed Jo in. Totally wrecked the dynamic of the show.

DonkeysDontRideBicycles · 22/10/2018 13:56

Meant to say, yabu, it's management that stirred things up, (Steve Wright evidently has a job for life).

Spankyoumuchly · 22/10/2018 14:16

Well that's really weird. I guess their listener numbers must have dropped, so they had to do something without losing face.
I'd like Sara Cox. I disliked her ladette style in the 90s, but I heard her filling in for someone and really enjoyed it. I like her on the Back in Time programmes.

Pinkyponkcustard · 22/10/2018 14:22

I wish she’d be drafted in to Steve Wright’s slot so she can fuck that one up too

Neshoma · 22/10/2018 14:37

I'm not fan of Jo. Don't like her or her style, but she's best on a slot promoting new bands and 'collaborations' at about 11pm

peachgreen · 22/10/2018 14:39

7-9pm is right for Jo. I think Simon was maybe hoping for the Breakfast Show... Would love Sara Cox to get the drivetime slot, she's my fave. I didn't like her in the 90s either but she's mellowed and I love the music she plays.

SequinsOnEverything · 22/10/2018 15:38

It's not her fault at all, it's the radio 2 management. I think she'll be much better in her new slot.

Also, I think he has specifically asked people not to blame/be rude about her hasn't he?

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